my guardian angel

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she said "you were always before your years

you were always very mature

always the leader of the pack

always stubborn

but never talked back"

"you're my angel"

i never understood how this one woman could

steal my heart

and rip it apart

so easily

but still own all the love anf affection inside of me

now i know

it's because

she's my guardian angel

she didn't quite get my style

but she'd always walk to extra mile

to make sure

i felt confident

in what i wore

i swear

if i could just have one more day

to see that loving face

that only a grandmother can make

i'd give you everything

i'd give my last breathe

if you just don't take her away again

i will never again sin

just give me one more chance

she could rip my heart

into shreds

so easily,but lord forgive me

because now i know,

she's my guardian angel

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