mess you made

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my morbid thoughts are at it again

they are lurking in my head

they make me sick

make me feel so frustrated

like i'm dying inside

i find myself wishing i could lie here

in this bed,dead

so when he came home

from work

he would see

i wasn't lying

he would beleive me

that there really was

something wrong

all along

in my head

it really was hurt

i wish i could do this

so he could regret

causing this damn mess

so he could see

so he could share all the pain

he gave to me

so he could feel like shit

so he could


want to give up and quit

like i did all along

because you never know what

you've got till it's gone

and she'll be gone too

and it'll all be because of me

and you

can then share my hate

and i'll share with you the pain

so you can regret

this mess you made

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