Am I Old Enough? Part 8

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21st October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I was thinking that I have absolutely no idea who it was that actually named me Sarah.

Jack and I were just about finished with school now. He decided to go on to uni and he was in the process of looking into each one that had what he hopes to offer him. He has been pretty smart too and is able to get into one on a part scholarship.

He said he doesn't mind that as he is more than willing to take on a job to finish his university courses.

But that's all him and his decision. He's smart and he knows what he wants to do. Sort of. I'm sure he'll tell me eventually along with every one else.

But getting back to me. I had only been thinking of my name lately when I went to get my licence to drive.

I had to go get my birth certificate and a few other forms of ID to prove who I am and after looking into it, I found that I had so many questions about myself. Questions that might help me find out who I really am and where I actually come from.

That's when I found out that I was the main beneficiary of my grandfathers will, not my dad as I assumed.

I was asking my father once when I approached him very carefully about it and after him getting annoyed with me again, I just decided to leave him alone and find out for myself.

So I went and approached my grandfathers solicitors.

That's when I found out that my dad and his dad had different lawyers to oversee their legal things. Like business stuff that dad needs an attorney for along with his personal stuff.

But it was very enlightening to find out that Roger Kingsley was handling my grandfathers affairs which have become mine. I even met his wife who was there in his office the first time I went there.

I found out that she was a judge of some kind and people called her 'The Judge'. They were both an interesting couple.

On the first visit to his office, I took Mrs Beemer with me and all my ID that I had. We sat out in the reception for a while getting a few odd looks from different people as they walked passed us.

I thought it was all really interesting.

Some clients would go in and come out with smiles. Then others would go in and come out really cranky.

They'd be very angry and would slam doors on their way out. And every now and again we would hear someone laughing out loud with huge big belly laughs about something.

" Excuse me. Mr Kingsley will see you now." A nice kindly sounding voice said to us.

Looking at who spoke, we saw that it was a nice looking lady with a gentle look on her face who was now standing in front of us as she waited for us to get up and follow her.

She lead us down a very short corridor to a large wooden door. Not a glass one like other offices have. This one was a solid sturdy door.

Stopping to grab the handle, she quickly rapped on the door and waited.

" Come in." We heard a deep gravelly voice call out.

" Mr Kingsley, your two o'clock is here. Miss West." She said with a smile as she ushered us into the light and airy office, shutting the door behind her as she left.

" Thank you." He said without looking up as he was still looking through someone's papers on the desk in front of him.

I decided to look around his office waiting until he was finished. I noticed some photo's on the walls and one photo in particular caught my attention. I couldn't help but get up and walk over to it to have a closer look.

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