my inspiration

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you are an inspiration

the twinkle in your eye.

it makesmesmile

so where are you now?

that i need you to feed me modivation,

your yummy taste,

my favorite sensation

where are you now that he's here

why aren't you closer near my dear?

to my heart

we are not meant to be apart

you star

in all my stories

your are

in all of my memories

so where are you today?

i miss you now that you're so far away

how am i suppposed to lay here?

without your touch,

how am i supposed to sit here

and feel so crushed?

without your hand in mine?

when it's always always been your job

to make me feel alright.

when i was down on life


where are you now

i miss your smile

where are you now

it's been a long long while

please come back

my inspiration.

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