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Her Outfit^

I walked downstairs and looked for my dad. He wasn't anywhere in sight. I grabbed an apple and walked out to my car. It was my first day on the job. As I was pulling out of the drive way of my fathers house I got a text.

No one can resist those green eyes Margot. You got the job sweetheart. -Love Dad

I loved my supportive father. I just got out of college and I couldn't stay in my fathers house forever. As I pulled into the building parking lot I got nervous. I hear this place never has the best reputation but I got the job, I just don't know what it is. I have to meet with the CEO for the information of how things work around here.

I walked up to the elevator in the underground parking lot and pushed the floor number I needed to go to. In my email I got, it said number 12. This place had 65 levels to it. It was a big business but it was only here in Illinois. As my elevator door opened I checked my watch to see I was right on time. I needed to be here at 12:45 pm and I was here right on the dot.

A brunette was standing right in front of me. She looked much younger. She had her hair tied up in a bun secured with a pencil. She wore brown wedge-heeled boots and a dress to match. The dress was so pretty the belt put everything together. She looked down and gestured for me to come forward.

"Hello my name is Samantha. I am the secretary here and I am assigned to help you around. He never does that around here. Only for special people. The only other person he did that for was me, and look where I am now. Welcome to Booth World Industries." She introduced to me with a smile.

"So Samantha, what is it like around here?" I asked her. She was a pretty shy girl. "Oh he can tell you that. By 'he' I mean Urie. Don't call him Mr.Brendon, Brendon, Mr.Urie. Just Urie okay?" She said making sure. I nodded and kept walking with her. She was so pretty yet so young to be working here. Maybe fresh out of high school?

We stopped at a door that was tagged as 'The Monster.' My eyes widened and I turned my head to Samantha. "There is a story behind that." She said dragging off. I nodded slowly and opened the door after she had pointed to it.

"Go in." She said still looking down. I didn't look at the desk, I was already intimidated by him. I closed the door and walked to the seat across from Urie, still not looking up. I pushed a stray piece of hair behind my ear and looked up. There he was in all his glory.

The infamous Brendon Urie. If you didn't know this man in Illinois, you obviously weren't from America. There are rumors that surround this place everywhere.  None of them proven to be true, but still enough to make you stay up at night and wonder if it were true. Think about me. Especially after getting a job at this place.

"Hello Miss Margot." He said holding his hand out. I stared at it not being able to move. It was crazy to think I was in front of him. The supposed killer. He made a gesture to his hand which made me move faster to greet him.

"Hello Urie." I said in my most pleasant voice. "Ah, so my precious little Samantha told you. What else has she told you? Anything you weren't supposed to know?" He asked me. Knowing the reputation he had I instantly shook my head to defend poor little Samantha.

"N-no sir. I even asked her about things and she told me you were to answer the-" I said being cut off by Urie. "It was a joke." He said coldly. "That's one thing you will learn here. How to take a joke," he paused holding his arms out. "Yet! Not laughing." He said pointing his finger at me, smirking. I giggled and looked down in my lap.

"Now that's a smile you'd love to see every day." He said tilting my head up. He folded his hands down on the table and started to look serious now. Any emotion was then removed from my face. "Great, you know how to get to business." He said.

"Now," he stood up from his chair and walked beside me. "There are rumors here and there. Most employees don't know this. Only Samantha, I spent time grooming her, for her position. But back to the topic. All are true." I gasped looking up at him, who was sitting in front of the desk, right in front of me.

"Run." He said simply pointing to the door.

I put my hands on the arms of the chair, ready to get up. Yet I decided to sit back down. "Loyal. Seems to me you won't need much grooming." He told me thoughtfully. "But there are still things I need to put in that little brain of yours." He said putting his index finger on my forehead.

"But in the next two weeks there will be many things you will learn here." He said. I could tell he was closing off. He put a contract in my hands and stood me up. "All I can say is." He paused abruptly.

"Welcome to Booth World Industries Margot." He walked me outside his office, where I met Samantha.

"So much to learn, in little time. I know why he put extra attention in you. Save yourself." She told me as we walked away.

New book. I will edit it later. Bye I have homework to do. See you guys later!

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