The Interview

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I'm dressed up in a dress that is simply beautiful, everywhere I move is like a small fire around me, glowing coal, perfect for the interview.

The interview.. what am I going to say? I look at Cinna with his gold eye liner. 

"Cinna? What am I going to say?" He looks at me and gives a warm smile. 

"Just be you." He replies. I nod and wait for my turn, Peeta is after me, and I hear my name. 

"One of our youngest tributes Primrose Everdeen! From District 12!" I walk up there with as much confidence as my legs will give me. 

"Hello Cesar" I smile, looking at it blue hair and blue... everything really. The Capitol is weird. 

"Hello to you too Primrose!" He grins but I interrupt. 

"Prim.. call me Prim please." I smile. 

"Ohh! Yes indeed Prim! Now, Prim, how is it here in the Capitol?"  He asks.

"It's nice.. the food is great." I lie about it being nice... the food is fantastic though.

"Indeed it is! Now what is your favourite?" He beams.

"The chocolate cake. We don't get chocolate cake much in District 12, it's a luxury." I explain. 

"Yes yes indeed! Now.. Prim, what are you going to do now that you're in the games?"

I'm nervous. He asked me a question that I don't even know what to do... What to say... What will I do? I answer as true as I can. "I can heal people, so I know which leaves and which herbs are good and bad." I smiles lightly. 

"Ohhh! Interesting!" He pauses, "About your sister Prim.. Katniss is it?" I nod nervously. "She was going to volunteer for you and was just a bit too late am I right?" I nod again. "Do you want your sister here instead of you today?" 

I'm alarmed. I would never have want my sister here. But, I don't want to be here either. "I don't want her here. Because I don't want her to die." I speak a little louder, "Why? Why would I want my sister here for her own death?! It's stupid! Wrong! Why don't you all see this?!?" I yell and I am grabbed. "Why?!" I scream again and I am taken backstage where Haymitch greets me with an unhappy face. 

"Do you want to die?!" He exclaims. 

"Do you expect me to lie and say I wanted my sister to die?!" I scream at his face and he then frowns. 

"Of course I don't. Because I believe every word you say. But that isn't how it works here anymore sweetheart." I sigh and Peeta goes up on stage and I look up at the screen. 

"Hello Peeta Mellark!" Cesar exclaims and I scowl at the screen, how can he be so damn happy? Peeta smiles and starts talking with charm. 

"Peeta, is there a special girl at home?" Cesar asks. Peeta flinches a bit, but just a little, only I would see it. 

"Uhm. Yeah.. I do, but I don't think she noticed me until the reaping..." Peeta frowns, but Cesar on the other hands looks extatic. 

"Peeta! If you win these games, you go back home, and she is BOUND to go on a date with you hmm?" He looks at the crowd and they cheer. But Peeta shakes his head... why?

"No... no. I can't do that, I'm going to give her something more special, I am going to give her, her sister back." He says calmly with a sad smile on his face. Me? I am shocked. 

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