Chapter Six

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With one word she said a mouthful. He had never considered a woman's position before. Her life was most likely planned out for her since birth being groomed for one purpose and one purpose only to marry and have children.

As he looked at her and stared into those beautiful eyes he made up his mind in minutes. "Grab your hat."

She looked at him confused.

"My hat?"

"Did I stutter?"


"Then tuck that beautiful hair of yours away and let's go. He will not stay knocked out forever."

As if on cue the man moaned, and Clara jumped. Snatching up her hat, she ran to catch up to Benjamin who had already walked away.

"Where are we going?"

"You want to experience life? See what it is like?"


"Well, I'm going to be your chaperone. If I give you this one night, will you promise me never to do something this foolish again?"

Her face looked so hopeful and beautiful she looked as if she were lit up from within. She could not even speak, only nodded her head eagerly.

"Good. Now a few rules, first is no talking."


"Your disguise is flimsy at best. Add in your voice and there is not a man alive who would not know you are a woman."

She looked about to argue with him but then said, "Anything else?"

"Yes, you are to stay glued to my side. Stay within my view at all times. Some of the places can get a little rough, it is the only way I can protect you."

"Is that all?"

"That will do for now. Any questions?"

"Just one," she said, "why are you doing this for me?"

Benjamin suddenly stopped walking. It took her second to realize he had stopped and so she had to walk back to him. 


She asked a good question. Why was he doing this? He could only think of one answer.

"I know a little something about not having a choice in life to live the way you want or perhaps expected."

There must have been something in his voice or face she responded too. She reached out to touch him. He pulled way. He did not think he could handle her touch.

"It is getting late we have limited time before I will need to get you home. Shall we begin?"

She pulled her hand back, and nodded again.

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