open hearts

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Hey so this chapter and the next chapter will strictly Adrian and Jezzy's P.O.V



     We kept kissing and my hands starts to explore part of her body. Her hips had gotta wider and her breast grew they had to be a DD cup by now. I guess I can thank Yevonny for that. I go straight to her breast. She lets out a moan. I know this is wrong but damn it feel good.

"Fuck I missed you"she moaned. My hands slide under her shirt and as if god was telling me to stop. Yevonny started crying.

"Shit he's hungry"she says and gets off me. Some how we ended up on the floor. She get up and picks him up. I get myself together and see Jezzy pull out her titty.

"Whoa what are you doing" I ask.

"Feeding my baby I breast feed Cassandra" she says giggling.

"Oh"I say and sit down I try to ignore her now out breast. I replay what just happen. Did I just make out with her? Shit Miranda. I literally forgot I had a girlfriend. Shit she is gonna murder me. But I didn't fuck her. So is it really cheating?

"Cassandra"Jezzy calls breaking me out my train of thought.

"Huh?"I ask.

"Your phone"She says. I grab it.

"Hello"I answer.

"Hey we're on our way baby girl"Bailey says. Shit I forgot about them.

"Okay see you there"I say and hang up.

"Jezzy you got your stuff packed?" I ask.

"Yeah"she answers. She was burping Yevonny.

"Okay lets go I'll take your stuff outside"I say and grab her two suitcases. I'll take her shopping later. I put them in the trunk while she buckles Yevonny in the car.

     At home I see Miranda's car here.

"Shit" I mutter.

"Everything okay?"Jezzy asks.

"Uhm yeah I'll take your stuff up"I say and go to the trunk. I grab her stuff and walk to my house and open the door.

"Hey baby" Miranda says coming out the kitchen.

"Hey" I say.

"Uhm new stuff" Natasha's rude ass adds.

"No their a friends"I say and take Jezzy's stuff to the guess room. I go out to see Miranda looking confused. Jezzy comes in.

"Jezzy you can go see your room first door on your right" I say. She nods and goes the room.

"What the fuck Adrian?"Miranda asks pulling me to the side.

"She just moved down here and she got a baby boy Miranda she doesn't have anyone she was there for me I could at least let her stay here until she gets on her feet baby bare with me" I explain. Miranda hesitates.

"Fine whatever she your responsible and so it that baby I will not babysit." she says. I roll eyes.

"Okay she works the morning and afternoon and here at night so when I work she can watch him okay" I say.

"Mhm bringing other bitches in this house" Natasha adds.

"Bitch stay out my mouth" I fire.

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