27 - Kiss The Girl

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I nodded. "Uh, yeah."

As if Harry knew my sudden downfall in mood had to do with his best friend, he gave my shoulder a quick squeeze. "Don't take it personally, he's been bailing on me too."

That comment should have made me feel better, even a little bit but it didn't. I cleared my throat, shaking off their saddened expressions. "I should get home, wouldn't want my untarnished reputation of being the geek that does her homework ruined."

Gwen gave me a little sad smile, "I'll let Mary Jane know you couldn't stop by her rehearsal, yeah?"

I had actually forgotten about her rehearsal completely. The play was actually opening next week and with an abundance of hours spent in that theatre hall, I hadn't seen much of her lately. I knew both Gwen and Harry were stopping by to see her in action again today. "Yeah, thanks. I'll see you guys tomorrow."

With a slam of my locker door and a little wave in their direction, I forced my feet down the halls, weaving through the sea of students wanting to get out of here. The sky was slowly turning grey with storm clouds as I made my way home, a little too upset because Peter hadn't bothered to show once again.


It was storming outside, heavy raindrops hitting the windows as the wind roared. The dark weather outside matched my current mood. With my knees drawn to my chest, a bowl of half burnt popcorn sat beside me as I tried to watch The Nanny Diaries. The house was empty like most nights, just the hum of the television and the drum of the rain keeping me company. My disappointment at Peter had slowly turned into a burning rage. All my hopes about today had been flushed down the drain with my emotional state. How dare Peter bail on plans with me yet again, without any notice? He hadn't even called to let me know that plans had changed, hell, he hadn't even answered when I had called to ask what had happened.

"Stupid boys," I muttered, throwing some popcorn at the handsome young Chris Evans on the screen, feeling pretty crappy. I grabbed another handful of popcorn, shoving it into my mouth when the doorbell rang.

I froze naturally, my heart racing as a slight panic flared in my chest. Who the hell was at the door?

Throwing the blanket off myself and setting down my bowl, I slowly crept out of the lounge room and into the hall. I placed my hands on the door, rising on my toes and peered through the peep hole and found a dripping familiar boy standing on my front porch. I slummed down on my feet, a sigh escaping my lips. I debated actually opening the door, that tiny voice in my head shouting to leave him outside because he deserved it. But with a little groan, I unlocked the door and swung in open, the cold air hitting my bare legs. "Parker, what do you want?" I greeted him, narrowing my eyes at him. I watched as he slowly drew up his head, his hoodie slung over his head, drenched from the rain.

"I'm assuming by your tone, that you're not happy." He observed, his hands buried deep in his pockets.

I crossed my arms and continued to glare across at him, trying very hard not to notice how cute he looked wet and sorry. "You guessed correctly. Why bother showing up, Parker? You clearly had better plans today."

Peter gave a little shrug. "I deserve that," He started. "Look, I'm really sorry--"

A gush of wind sliced through the night, rain sprinkling down on my porch. I stepped backwards, trying to avoid getting my wooly socks wet. "Get inside." I snipped, opening the door further. Peter wandered pass me, his shoulders hunched forward.

We stood in that hallway in silence, Peter dripping wet on my wooden floorboards. "I'm really sorry, Florence." Peter Parker started again, his voice rather quiet but it seemed loud now that the roar of the wind wasn't gushing at my ears. "I know today didn't go as planned and we didn't get the chance to actually spend time together and--"

I let out a huff, rolling my eyes at him. "I'm over hearing that you're sorry, Parker. I'm over that you bail on plans all the time, without so much as an excuse. I don't understand frankly, what are we even doing here? I thought you wanted this..." I bit down the urge to cry and scream at the same time, just so annoyed with him and how he continued to stare at me with those sad eyes. "I had plans," I whispered out. "Plans for today and they were ruined because you couldn't bother to show up and stick to your promise."

Peter stepped forward and I backed up, hugging my arms to my chest. "I am so sorry, I just...something came up and I lost track of time."

"What came up, Parker? What was more important?"

I could see it in his eyes, he was struggling to tell me the truth. I knew something was going on, something that I didn't know. I saw the bruises, saw the way he was more distracted lately. I wanted to know why he kept on bailing on plans, not only with me but with Harry too. I had a feeling he wanted to tell me but something was stopping him and that ticked me off. "Okay, don't tell me. Just leave." I stormed back towards the door, ready to fling open the door and push him out if I had to but before I could even reach the door, a light hand caught my wrist and spun me around.

I was curled up in his arms before I could blink. His lips were pressed to mine before I could breathe out another word. I was frozen, shock pouring from every fibre in my body. For the slightest moment, I did absolutely nothing. Then, the world was spinning forwards, everything rushing to my head. My hands gripped his wet shirt, my body pressed firmly up against his own. My head tilted sideways as his lips parted perfectly, our breath mixing and my tongue meeting his own. His own hands wrapped around my waist, drawing me even closer, so close that my own shirt was drenched. When I broke away, my breath halted in my throat as my eyes opened. Peter was staring down at me, his lips pulled up in a cute smile.

"You can't just kiss me when I am angry with you." I whispered quietly, my hands still gripping his shirt, fearing if I let go this moment would end.

Peter tilted his head, pulling in his bottom lip between his teeth. "I kissed you because you walked away and because that's all I've wanted to do."

I was smiling before I knew it, everything slipping away. I dipped my eyes down, seeing how close our bodies were and how I held onto him so tightly. "This is the perfect moment?"

"No, not the perfect moment ever." Peter shrugged, his fingertips grazing my cheek lightly. "But this is our perfect moment."

A little laugh escaped my lips and I stepped away, still a little light headed from the kiss. I brushed a hand through my hair, feeling my shirt stick to my skin. "We need another rule in our partnership."

"What's that?" Peter grinned, watching me with those dark eyes.

I tried to keep my face straight, but it was very hard when he was looking at me like that, a lightness in his eyes. "You can't kiss me like that, it messes with my head. You definitely can't kiss me when I'm supposed to be mad at you."

Peter stepped forward, giving me a grin. "I can't promise that."

And just like that, our perfect moment was upon us and I was never letting it go.

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