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27 - Kiss The Girl

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Have you ever imagined your first kiss with a certain boy? That one boy that makes your knees weak with a silly little grin? A boy that really should not make your heart leap out of your chest? A certain boy that makes your mind blurry? To answer your question, I have. Ever since Peter had popped that our perfect moment line in my head, that's all I've been thinking about.

Did we get our perfect moment? It wasn't perfect, not by a long shot. It wasn't the scene that I had been creating in my head for weeks. It wasn't a perfect movie kiss or this massive romantic dip in the middle of a crowded airport either.

But it was sort of perfect for us.


"So, tell me again." Gwen was grinning as we made our way down the crowded hallway on a Thursday afternoon. My books were clutched to my chest, my eyes shifting through the crowd in hopes of seeing a certain boy who always seemed to gravitate towards my locker when the final bell sounded. "Tell me every single detail of how he saved your life."

I almost rolled my eyes but something stopped me because this time, Gwen wasn't wrong. For well over a month she had been going on about the city's masked hero, Spider-Man. I had let my friends admire him from a far but honestly, it wasn't a big deal to me. We already had too many superheroes in our world now, what did one more even matter? But now, things were actually different. Spider-Man had pretty much saved my behind a few nights back. Now, whenever I retold the story, a smile worked it's way onto my mouth at the mere mention of him. "Really? You've heard it ten times already." I started, shifting my books to my other hip as I spotted my locker and found no geeky boy waiting for me. We had plans to spend the afternoon together and not seeing him there ripped a hole in my stomach.

Suddenly, there was a jolt at my waist as Harry poked me, grinning like an idiot. "Just tell us again of how you have to take back your words about our new hero. I remember you firmly saying he was pretty much useless."

I gave him a frown quickly, letting him fall into our step. "I didn't say that..." I let the sentence drift off, knowing very well that comment might have come up somewhere in the last few weeks.

"Yeah, I think you did." Harry continued to smile, giving Gwen a little wave in greeting. The two of them shared an equal grin, like two big fools. Too bad they were my two fools. I shook my head at them both.

Gwen reached up to tighten her ponytail, her lips smacking together as she beamed. "Spider-Man, the city's hero and our little Flo's knight in shinning...well, spandex."

Harry was coughing out a laugh, his hand rising up for a high-five from my friend. My hand shot out, poking him in the side and he doubled over, giving me a devilish glare, but he was still smiling. "Face it Flo, he saved you."

"I admit that he did," I started, getting closer and closer to my locker. The very locker which still did not have someone waiting for me. I didn't know if Gwen or Harry could see the disappointment in my face, but it was still resting in my chest. "I admit that he's doing good in the city and he's not useless and that he isn't just another superhero."

We had reached my locker now, the three of us gathering around the grey metal as I tucked away a book and grabbed another. My eyes swung down the halls to see if Peter was just running late. "She admits it, she stands corrected." Gwen hummed out, rather pleased with the revelation that I hadn't been right about Spider-Man.

I gave her a weak nod, my mind falling too quickly from the current conversation. Peter had promised we could spend time together after school today, some time where we weren't too focused on our assignment. I had been working up the confidence to make my move today, something I had been mulling over for days now. I had been used to Peter showing up late or having to cancel on plans before, a habit he was getting rather good at lately, but today, it felt a little harder to deal with because I had made it a big deal in my head. "Are you alright?" Gwen's voice was soft in my ear, her hand touching my elbow. I hadn't heard the continuation of their conversation, my mind too focused on Peter not being here. I glanced up, looking between the two of them.

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