~Sarah's POV~

I may or may not have internally fangirled at that gesture Mitch and Jerome made. Shh, that's a secret. The movie ended and I noticed it was getting late, not quite time to head back to the park and sleep yet though.

"It's kinda getting late." I said, making eye contact with them. "Yeah, it is." Adam replied, getting up, leaving Ty on the couch, lonely. Ty made a puppy-dog face begging Adam to come back. Dammit Ty, stop.

"Is this gonna be a sleep over, or are ya kicking me out again?" Jason asked jokingly. Ty squished his hand into his cheek in thought. "Uh, You guys can sleep over in the living room."

"I guess I'll have too if you don't mind." I replied slightly sarcastic. Jason got up to call his mom and ask, Jerome did the same, Mitch's mom still wasn't back and Adam thought it was a sleep-over all along.

Adam of course would want it to be, I thought to myself, smirking.

Jerome said he could stay and Jason could stay til 12 o' clock. "Alright. I've got to get to know you guys more because I can." I said for no apparent reason, slightly hinting at truth or dare.

Jason cocked an eyebrow towards me, "Truth or dare?" he asked me, smiling smugly. "You know it."

"I though we agreed not too!" The other 4 replied in unison. We eventually agreed on it as long as there was no school-inapproprite touching (that meant no hugs or kissing or naked-ness.)

"Alright, which one of you ding-butts are first?" I said sitting down on the hard wood floor. Mitch raised his hand like they do in school, "Me dood." He said, almost too eagerly. "Alright, truth, dare or double dare?" I added a third option to spice it up. Little to their knowledge I could do anything with double dare.


Nothing like that you weirdos. He reclutantly picked 'Double dare.' Since he was first blood I'll go easy on him. "Ya know double dare means I can do whatever, right?" he shrugged back, unsure whether to accept.

"Right." he replied at last, the others listening intentaly to see what I had in store.

~Mitch's POV~

Please not 7 minutes in heaven, Please not 7 minutes in heaven, Please not 7 minutes in heaven, Please not 7 minutes in heaven, I repeated in my head. None of us had any idea what Sarah was capable of considering we had never played this with her.

"Umm ... " she thought for a second. I could of sworn she went through everything in the book to think of this, "Go outside and pour water all over your self." I regretting this for a second but slowly worked up the courage to do this. I went into the kitchen to get the glass of water and Sarah went to the linen closet for a towel for when I got back inside.

"Go on, " she said, pushing me outside. I shut my eyes tight and poured the water on myself, not even realizing how cold it really was, I screeched a little bit and ran back inside, wrapping myself in the towel.

She's pretty evil when it comes to this. Like she knows how to push our buttons.


This is kind of a weird chapter. I really thought of this last minute. The next few will have some pretty weird things that they REALLy don't like.

Hint hint nudge nudge.



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