Seeing Double Chapter 29

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I woke up early. Early to bed, early to rise, makes a person, healthy and wise. Well, I got woked up by the boys snoring. They seriously can't ever sleep with their girlfriends in future. I wanted to make a quick escape but, Jake was using my body as a toy or something. I nearly got squeezeed to death, but was soon pulled away by Jacob. Thank goodness? Funny. My face was squashed into his chest and I couldn't breathe, I'd seriously get squeezed by Jake instead. 

Then, there was a knock at the door, and John saved me from them. John, was their butler. Yeah, I found out they had a butler when I rammed into someone in the kitchen, while getting a glass of water. John, 24 year-old. And he's a butler, a really cute one though. He's really warm. 

So, here I am now, watching John flip pancakes. "Hey John, do the guys bring girls home to stayover?" I questioned nicely. 

"Not really, it kind of stopped a few years back. There was always this girl that came here, but soon after the masters never brought her here again." he replied, eyes never once left the pancakes. 

I nodded my head. One girl? Who was she?

"Do you know why, though?" 

"Nope" He said, poping the p. 

"Hmm" I replied nonchantly. There had to be a reason why she wasn't here again. But even John doesn't know, maybe I should go ask-

"Oh and Iris, its best not ask the masters about this. Its taboo subject. Understood, Iris?" 

Oh crap. I tried my best to smile. "Sure, John." 

"So, do you want maple syrup with those?" He asked as he chucked a plate of pancakes at me. I stared at him, like he was crazy. 

"Of course I want it with maple syrup! Who doesn't!" 

John cocked an eyebrown, amusement found in his eyes. 

"I don't" sounded a low voice. 

"Well then, you're crazy" I deadpanned him. 

"Yeah, whatever. Peanut butter, nutella and butter works too" Jacob replied before nodding his head at John. John bowed slightly, replying. "Certinly master. Same thing for master Jake too?" 

"Yeah sure, give that pig whatever you have. He'll eat anything." as he waved his hand dismissingly at John. 


Okay that sounded weird. I saw Jacob throwing me an amused look before snapping his head back to, just in time to see his double stumbling down the stairs, breaking into a loud walrus yawn. He whacked Jacob on the back, then wiggled his finger disapprovingly at him. 

"Bad Jacob. No boy." my eyes widened as Jake started climbing on to Jacob's back and started shouting, "Giddyap!" Ja stood there, just as shocked. But he snapped out of it quickly. How did I knew that? Well, him pushing Jake off and started stomping on him could be a good clue. 

"Snap out of it, idiot!" Jacob countiued kicking Jake in the ribs. I could tell Jacob wasn't using all his strength, but still that would definetly leave a burise. 

"Allow me, master Jacob" John seemed to have suddenly teleported next to the brothers. He raised his jug of water and yelled, "One for the brother, two for the neighs, three for the girl and four for the-!" He didn't get to finish, when he started pouring the water on Jake's face. It didn't took a genius to find out the water was cold.

"Cold! Cold cold! Argh!" Jake started wriggling around on the floor. At first, it was funny but then he seemed really cold. I stepped forward wanting to help him, but I've got nothing to dry him up or make him warm. Suddenly, a hand holding a towel appeared in my vision, "Here Iris, give the fool before he catches a cold."

I nod and grabbed the towel. I kneeled next to him. So, what next? I could cover him in the towel, that'd make him feel warmer for sure. Maybe a hug? I looked at him, all drenched. UM. Guess not.

"I-iris. C-cold. Need mouth-to-mouth to heat me up" He shivered. 

I threw the towel at his face, before attempting to suffocate him with it. What came out of his mouth came out muffled and inchorent, but I could vaguely make out what he said, a bunch of cuss words and warnings.  I stood up and walked back to my now cold pancakes, drizzled in maple syrup. Thanks guys, cold pancakes are really my thing. I thought sarcastically to myself. 

"Jerks" I murmured to no one in particular. 

"You know you love us, ris" the twins choursed, while John just smirked at me. 


"So," I started. "Why did we just passed the school?" 

"Oh! We're not going to the school, duh" Jake replied. 

"Oh, thank you captian obvious" 

"You're welcome liutentient sarcasm" 

"Grow up kids" Jacob growled. 

"You grow up!" I retorted. Kids? He's in way over his head now. 

Jacob scoffed in the front seat, making no other obvious movement. Jake, was wagging disapprovely his finger at Jacob. "Jacob! How can you talk to a person like that! And she's a girl!" 

"I talk however the way I want. Do you have a problem?" He's voice was low and thretening, giving this silent message to Jake, to shut up. 

Well, Jake obiously didn't notice it. "Jacob Eugene Carter! How could you!" 

"Why, little-" I cut Jacob off. 

"Woah, hold up. Your middle name's Eugene? Really?" I asked, really puzzled. Now that you mention it. I didn't really hear about the Charter's middle names before. 

"Of course it is. Why not?" Jake cocked an eye brown at me. 

I poked my head of the backseat and raked my eyes up and down Jacob's body. "He doesn't look like a Eugene to me" 

"Too bad, idiot" Jacob responded. 

"So, what's yours, Jake?" I asked, ignoring Jacob. Which earned a growl from him. 

"Mine? Williams!" Jake shouted. 

"That's a cool name" I nod my head slowly, "Oh! And mine's-" 

"Elizabeth" They choursed. 

My eyes widened.  "Wait, how did you guys know?" 

"Remember I had to take the new girl during her first day? The teacher told me your name and that's what I told Jaocb" he gave me a thumbs up. 

"Oh" I said lamely. What kind of a person I was, I've been hanging around them for such a long time and I don't even know their middle names. I feel horrible, what kind of a person have I been?

"If you're thinking, why didn't you know our full names, we keep them hidden pretty well, most people don't know about us having middle names" Jacob responded. 

Did he just read my mind? 

"Mhmm." I gave a non-commited response. Even so, I've been hanging around them for such a long time. 

"Sanders and surfers watch out! Here we come!" Jake yelled. 

"We're going to a beach?" 

"There's no such thing as a sander, doufus" Jacob replied. 



HI! sorry bout the late update. Had been sick on and off. And i slammed my ankle against the toliet bowl-_- not a good experience. and I had tests on and off too. I'll try to update once every week or twice:) no promises but I do my best. Also, I'm not really familar with massachusetts, so I apologize for funny mistakes I make like the places and stuff. >< thanks for reading and following seeing double too! vote, fan and comment:) 

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