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3 years I had stayed out of the hero life. I had hung up the costume, mask, and bow. I had helped the family out from behind comms. Tonight was no different.

Jason was out on his own trying to save the mayor. It looked more like he was trying to kill the mayor more than save him. I was watching from the computers Jason had in his bunk. Roselyn was playing around with my old bo staff. Well, half of it anyways.

I glanced over at my daughter who was know three years old as she acted like the staff was a fairy wand.

I looked back on the computers and saw Batman. "Don't do anything stupid Jay." I told him

"How long have we been together?" My husband asked

"I'd say four years. Married for three." I said

"Then you know stupid is my job." He replied at him and Bruce started fighting

I sighed at looked at Roselyn, "your dad never listens." I said looking back at the monitors as Jason shocked Bruce and shot the mayor. The guy isn't dead. Jason just saved his life.

"I would have taken a less violent route than causing everyone at city hall to panic." I said, "but I really can't give my opinion when I haven't been a hero for three years."

"The assassin would take the less violent route?" Jason asked

"I'm not an assassin. I left the League and my night job behind." I told him.

"I'll see you tonight. Tell the guys not to let anyone up to the penthouse and lock the doors. I'll use the key on the terrace." Jason said

"Where are you going?" I asked

"Bar. It's been a long night" Jason said

"Don't get in a fight. I'll see you later." I logged off everything and took my comm out I spun around and saw Bruce standing there.

"That's something I haven't experienced in awhile." I stood up unfazed and got the staff from my daughter

"Where's Jason?" I looked at the bat and reconnected my staff

"None of your concern. What do you want?" I asked

"Do you have any idea when he'll be back." Bruce avoided my question

"Do you ever answer questions or just avoid them until someone tells you what you want to know?" I asked putting my staff with my old gear.

"Kayla, Jason almost killed the mayor." Bruce said

"To you, he was killing. But that is the complete opposite of what he was doing out there tonight." I told him

"Jason has killed before. Why would I think he'd be doing anything different?" Bruce asked as Roselyn ran over to him

"Jasons not just a killer Bruce. He kills when he needs to. You just see him as that because of what happened when he was Robin and when he came back from the dead." I said

"And when you two lost your first child, you can say Jason didn't intend to kill the Joker?" Bruce asked picking Roselyn up.


"Hey hey! You guys joined the party!" Joker said

"Shut up!" Jason said

"Red Hood! Stand down!" Dick yelled at him

"No! You know what the psychopath did! He should be allowed to live!" Jason yelled

"I can hear you." Joker said

"I said shut up!" Jason said shoving the gun in his face

"Red Hood, stop it." I said and walked over to him.

"Hooded Huntress, stay back." Jason said putting a finger on the trigger

"No. As much as Joker should be killed for his crimes, it's not right." I said standing next to Jason.

"I'm warning you, Hooded Huntress, stand back." He said

"No. Red Hood, you need to think about this. Joker has done things, and for reasons, none of us know. Just stand down." I said placing my hand on his

"You two are much closer than I thought." Joker said

I ignored his comment. Jason lowered his gun and turned to me. I looked at him. Jason suddenly pulled me into a hug. I hugged him back. Some guards came in and put Joker back in his cell seeing as Jason somehow got Joker out of his cell.

~End Flashback~

"You weren't even there Bruce. You can't use that against him." I said

"I know Jason well enough to know his intentions." Bruce said

"Jason's always tried to kill Joker. Me miscarrying because of Joker just made Jason want to kill him more." I said

"Tell Jason I stopped by." Bruce simply said and put Roselyn down and walking out.

I hated thinking of that night. Bruce knew it too. Thinking back to being kidnapped and being beaten half to death by Joker then finding out I was pregnant, but my kid was murdered. It brought back so many painful memories from when I was a hero. That night was part of the reason I hung up my bow. I couldn't lose another kid.

I picked up Roselyn had grabbed my stuff and headed home. During the ride to the penthouse, Roselyn fell asleep in the car. I just took her out of the car and put her to bed and went to bed myself.

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