Laughing Jack X Reader: Having Fun At The Carnival

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"Hey what's over there?" Asked Cassie as Eric licked her neck. Disgusting you thought. You had never ever liked Cassie, but you were a loner and she was the only one you had. Now Eric? You'd love to kill Eric anyday. He was stupid, arrogant, and he was definately a coward as well as a player.

You recalled the time you told Cassie that you'd caught Eric kissing Minnie Crowley and she screamed at you that you were just jealous and wanting his attention like a whore. You hated Cassie that day. And for the moment, you weren't sure if you'd totally forgiven her. 

"An abandoned carnival." You replied, your voice monotone.

"Let's go check it out!" Cassie squealed. You glared at her. Cassie may not have been a fan of horror movies like you were, but she was usually smart enough to know that anything abandoned= Certain Fucking Death.

   Okay, so maybe that wasn't always the case and you were being a bit paranoid. Maybe just a weensy bit. You mumbled a curse as they skipped to the abandoned carnival. You sighed and tighed your (H/C) back into a loose pony tail and followed them. 

Cassie squealed and Eric wrapped his arms around her. They soon started to make-out by an abandoned cotton candy machine. You couldn't help it, hate started to take over your mind and body, pumping through your body like blood.

"If her hair would just get caught in the machine.. And if the machine flipped on.." 

You felt a grin break onto your face at the idea of Cassie being dragged in circled by the machine by her glossy blonde hair, screaming. Or the idea of her hair ripping completely off as blood pulsed from her head as she screamed and sobbed. 

You decided to leave them. Their end would come soon enough. You had a lover to see. 

  You smirked, your lips twisting. You were not innocent little (Y/N) anymore. Not after you met him. That clown. Jack his name was. You loved him and would do anything for him. Including lead his victims to his lair. You giggled as you went into a circus tent, on the verge of collapsing. There was a single light, shining in the middle of the ring. There stood your Jack.

Naked. You licked your lips, that had cotton candy flavored lip gloss rubbed on them. He gave you a smoldering look and grinned that wicked grin of his.

"You did so good, (Y/N).. " He stepped out of the light and you felt his lips on your neck. You moaned softly. 

"You're such a good girl, (Y/N)" He groaned, as his lips went to your earlobe.

"I-I'll be your good girl." You moaned. He chuckled and bent you over, lifting your black skirt and teasing you by running his hand down your ass as you moaned.

"Mmm, I bet I could make you wet with just one finger.." He growled as he ripped off your underwear. You shivered as he stroked your pussy, causing you to cry out softly. 

Finally he thrust his finger inside you. "Ah, fuck!" You whimpered softly. You heard Jack chuckle.

"Tight as always.." He started to pump his fingers. "P-Please more.." You moaned and he laughed, inserting two more fingers and pumping them at such a speed it was almost inhuman. 

"Ah, faster! Faster!" You cried, closing your eyes and moaning. Then all of a sudden he pulled out. "W-Why? I was about to cum!" 

Jack smirked and waved his fingers in front of you. "Do you want to taste yourself, (Y/N)?" He asked teasingly. You nodded and moaned softly. 

"Then beg.. " He growled, tilting your chin up, making you look at him and his wet fingers that were covered in your juices. 

"P-Please Jack.." You pleaded, wanting it so bad. "Please let me suck your fingers, please baby."

He suddenly allowed your mouth to wrap around his 3 fingers as you looked up at him innocently while sucking on his fingers.

"Mmm, so kinky and so sexy.." He groaned. You pulled away once his fingers had been licked clean.

Jack then went behind you and started rubbing his d*ck on your entrance. You bit your lip to hold back a moan. He suddenly plunged into you, your walls expanding and stretching causing you to cry out. He started with fast and hard strokes.

"Ah, f-faster Jack!" You screamed, your voice echoing in the empty circus tent. 

"Damn you're so fucking tight." He growled, thrusting even faster. He groaned in your ear and harshly grabbed your breast, massaging it through the fabric of your shirt and your body jiggled and shook with how much force he was applying with each thrust.

He slowed down making you whimper a little, but he continued to thrust, this time so much deeper. He hit a spot that overwhelmed you in pleasure. 

"A-ah.. T-Thats it!" You cried as he continued to pound that spot, his pace increasing.

"Ah! Yes! Yes! I'm going to cum!" You screamed as you came all over his c*ck, shuddering. Jack came a few seconds and thrusts later and pulled out of you. He kissed your back affectionately. "You're a good girl, (Y/N) keep up the good work, and you'll be rewarded.."

You smiled. You didn't mind bringing in couples to be slaughtered by this clown.. Because everytime you did you just got more and more time with him.


❤Suck it, Lick it, Bite it. It can be sweet, spicy or bitter.❤ -Love, Anonymous 

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