your kidding right?

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6 months moving day*


    My baby and I found us a nice cozy townhouse. I love it its 2 bedrooms full fucking kitchen I mean stainless steal shit, updated kitchen and every thing looks sexy. Our bedroom though let me tell you it has a fucking jacuzzi tub and a separate shower. I love this house. My backyard is big as hell I talked Adrian into getting me a dog. She is so cute I named her Jasmine like off of Aladdin because that is the cartoon. We was moving our stuff in. Jasmine is yepping happily she is a cute black border collie. We had to put her in a bedroom.

"Bae start unpacking our clothes please" Adrian asks.

"Alright"I say and go to the room. Somehow Jasmine got out I felt her fur on my leg.

"Hey sweetie who let you out"I say rubbing her. She barks happily.  I laugh and hang up the clothes.  Bae let me pick out the house attire and make up the arrangement. Our bed is king size. She been spoiling my lately. I don't complain though. She brought me a whole new wardrobe along with the one I had from my place. We had lived with my brother for a little bit it was fun Adrian and my bro got closer than they use to be. She told my brother a little about her abuse my bro got pissed but I calmed him down.

    That night my brother and his girl  crashed at our place. I was laying on Adrian we were watching Bad girl club Miami well me and Hanna, Andrew and Adrian were laughing about the drama.  Hanna had got tired so her and Andrew went to the guess room stealing Jasmine. I laughed and relaxed in Adrian's arms. She ran her hands through my hair making me sleepy.

"Baby"her soft voice called.

"Hm"I answer half sleep.

"I love you" she says. I smile.

"I love you too" I say and go to sleep on her lap.

     *3 weeks later*

So we were on our summer break turn up. I was so ready to get out dat bitch it wont even funny. Me and Bae settled. Bailey and Farah are coming over tonight. Farah and Adrian are still on a rocky bases. Farah really hurt Adrian. I asked what happen but she doesn't wanna talk about it so I don't push it. But anyway after school I was chilling with Devlin she is a stud at our school she had a thing for me but Adrian put her in her place. So we we're chilling at a restaurant.

"So what you doing for Adrian's brithday?" Devlin asked.

"Man ion even know I wanna do something special bae been taking care of me" I say looking at my soda.

"We could hit up this club though its uptown but still banging I know the owner we could throw her a party there" she says.

"True dat but you know nigga's get crazy up there 'specially since Adrian white." I say with venom these Racist motherfucker. They been giving Adrian shit since she been wit me mostly guys cause they pissed they wont get me. I just shook my head.

"True true but fuck it lets get the crew together and have the pre-party at y'all crib then go clubbing after".Devlin says.

"Sound good" I say. I smile. I haven't had some kitty in a while though. Adrian been working so much that rent gotta be paid and I quit stripping bae beat the ass of some chick that was harassing me.
     "Damn ma you be working dat pole" one woman had a nerve say while my baby was beside me.
"Yo chill out the way you talking to my woman"Adrian said.
"Man whatever I talk to her how I wanna snow-white"She said. Hearing Snow-white made Adrian pissed. The woman slapped my ass. Before I could say something my girl stole off. The woman was jabbed so hard her jaw popped.
"The fuck wrong with you" the woman fired. Adrian punch the in her stomach the woman fell and Adrian kicked her. I was scared she was red in the face. I hadn't seen her fight in years. The woman got up and Adrian pulled up her pants that were sagging and went in on her. The guards broke them up. Adrian kicked that woman's ass.
"Keep ya hands off my girl" Adrian fire before broken away from them. I was scared but also shocked. we get to the car.
"Babe I can't keep coming up here to pick you up next girl I won't stop" she says. I thought about it this isn't fair to her this isn't the first altercation she got into over me but it wasn't physical. She had been into many with grabby customers. I sigh.
"I'm sorry baby but I think I'ma quit I can't keep doing this to you" I say and hold her hand.
"Aight" she says

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