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Wow, that title could make a great story! Or does it already exist?

Anyway, exist or not, it does exist in most of the serials. People are immortal in serial. Yes, they just don't die!

I just watched this serial called 'Ek Tha Raaja Ek Thi Raani' and that reminded me of this point.

In this serial's case, the guy was dead because of the snake bite. Note the word 'dead', not 'dying'. He was already dead. And you know, there is 'true love' that heals everything. And poof! He is alive again!

I am telling you, if I got one chance to edit a part in any Hindi Serial, I will just go and kill everyone. ITS GONNA BE A DAMN HUGE MASSACRE BITCHES!!!!!

They just don't die!!!

And the reason? 'TRUE LOVE'!!!

I'm so sick of this crappy true love shit happens in those serials which is so fucking annoying!

Some story be like after they die, their dead body gets into the grave and somehow they manage to come back! I don't get this.

Some story - they meet with accident. No one can find the dead body and years after, they just return back home... "Surprise bitches!" And I'm here like if you're alive, why don't you just show up earlier?

Hindi Serials are so sick the creators need to understand that they gotta think of something more logical!

And in some serials, the actor doesn't want to be in the serial anymore so in the story, they will get into accident or something, and after recovery the actor will be different and the theory is that they had plastic surgery xD gosh, it's really hilarious! And sometimes, they just randomly change the actor and it's weird to watch the show with sudden change of actors.

So, it was a short chapter but that's it and I hope you liked it!

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Until we meet next time :)

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