You're Beautiful.

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"Well, well, well

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"Well, well, well...look at you. All sunshine, rainbows, and shit." Taylor says as soon as she sees me approach her in the senior hallway, "I guess Mr. Chase had a lot of nice things to say?"

"That, he did!" I confirmed.
"Well do tell.."
I didn't hesitate in telling her every little detail, unable to wipe the permanent smile from my face, I never realized how many muscles you use to smile. "My gawd, my face hurts." I muse while rubbing my cheeks.
"It's about damn time he got his head out of his ass." Taylor chides, "You do realize that Jer has a race tonight right? How are you going to get out of going?"
I ponder on it, my excuse of hanging out with Taylor won't work, as she'll have to be at the track to support her man.
"Damn." I whisper, "I don't know." removing my phone from it's pocket, I open my messaging app to send Chase a text, my smile returning full force.

Me: Hey, Jer has a race tonight..we're gonna have to go tonight.

Knowing that he's at work, I don't expect him to text back right away.  I tuck my phone in the back pocket of my jeans, then look up at Tay who is watching me, a funny expression on her face.
"What?" I ask.
"Nothing." she smiles then wraps her arm around my shoulder, gently pulling causing my feet to move with her down the hallway.


Taylor's blonde hair is swinging back and forth as she bobs her head to the song playing on the radio, occasionally belting out some off tune lyrics. We're a couple minutes from the garage, when my phone rings. My hand instinctively reaches forward to turn down the music, a muttered, "Hey!" comes from Taylor. Glancing down at the phone in my hand, Chase's nickname is displayed on the screen. My heart takes off in a wild rhythm, beating out of control. 

"Oh lover booyy." Taylor sings. I laugh and answer the phone.

"Hey." I answer.
"Hey you. Sorry I didn't text you back, work has been pretty hectic, I finally have a moment."
"Wow, that sucks."
"Yeah." He agrees. "It's so good to hear your voice."
A giggle escapes my mouth, surprising me, I clear my throat. "We spoke this morning." I point out.
"Yeah, almost eight hours ago, too damn long. How was your day?" he asks and I love that.
"It's school. So sucked."
"So no guys asking you out, no one I have to beat up?" he jokes.
I laugh, "No."
"Alright, good." his voice goes soft, "I can't wait to see you."
It's so weird to hear this confession coming from his mouth, his deep voice expressing his need to see me. It fills me with warmth.
"Me too, but about that...what's the plan? Jeremy has a race tonight."
He sighed, "Yeah, we'll have to go for appearances. Maybe we can go to Chrissy's after, so it won't be much of a date. I'm sorry."
"As long as I get to spend time with you, I don't care where we go." I confess.
"I feel the same, but I want to take you out." This makes me smile, but it's short lived when I hear gagging coming from my left, and I glare over at Taylor who is sticking her finger in her mouth. I roll my eyes, "What is that noise?" Chase asks.
"Taylor is being gross."
"That's not surprising."
"Are you on your way to the garage now?"
"Yea, are you going to stop in?" I ask hopeful.
"No, probably not, I'm not sure when I'll get done. I'll see you at your house. What are the chances that you'll be able to ride with me?" He asks.
"I don't know." I sigh and look at Taylor, she's focused on the road, but I know she's listening.
"We should try and talk to your brothers, V."
"I don't know Chase." I look out the window, "I want to focus on us before getting them involved, like what if we don't work out?" I ask.
"And what if we do?" He retorts.
"Then I think we should tell them one by one, telling them all in a group is just a bad idea." I can see Taylor nodding in my peripheral vision, silently agreeing with me. "They feed on each other."
"I'm not so sure." Chase sounds uneasy.
"Please, can we just figure us out first?"
"Okay" he sighs, "But for the record, me and's gonna work out."
"Yeah?" I question, totally infatuated with the future of us.
"Definitely." he confirms.
"Okay, whatever you say." I sing.
"See, you keep that up, and we'll be golden."
I laugh, "Don't count on it."
"Good, I love that sass of yours."
"Okay, I'll see you in a couple hours."
"Can't wait!"
"Me either. Bye babe."
"Bye." I whisper, feeling warm at his term of endearment. I squeeze my phone and lean my head back on the head rest, allowing myself to bask in the warmth he brings all over my body. I look over at Taylor who is smiling.
"What?" I ask.
"That was so sickly cute."
"It was." I nod.
"I am so happy for you."
"Me too." I bring my feet up, kicking them wildly while screaming my excitement for a solid five seconds. Taylor laughs at my unexpected out burst. I collect myself and then turn to face her, bringing my legs up under my butt.
"You agree that we should wait to confront my brothers?" I ask.
"Yeah. You're brothers are cray-cray, especially Vance. And you're right, you guys are so new, that what if you guys don't mesh, or get along..whatever. You guys can part and no one would be the wiser."
"He doesn't want to sneak around." I tell her.
"When you guys decide that it's becoming serious, then you let them know."
I subconsciously nibbled on my bottom lip, this is starting to stress me out.
"How do you know?"
She looks at me, her smile growing wide, "You'll know."
"What if it takes too long?"
She shrugs, "By then, them not agreeing won't matter. You guys are already in it, they'll see it, and they'll get over it."
I think it over, and I really don't want to worry about what they'll think, because what they think doesn't really matter. I may have known Chase for a long time, but I've never gotten to know him. This is on a whole nother level, and I'm excited to explore this with him, of all guys! I snuggle into myself, feeling all kinds of giddy.

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