Chapter 1

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Ray- So Yn can i ask you something? Yn- sure ray anything for you. (Your Pov): Honestly I was scared to find out what ray was about to ask me. What if he asked if i liked him and messed up and accidentaly said no. What if he asked if i liked one of the mb boys. No even worse what if corey was right and ray really does like me! If ray likes me than i gotta owe it to corey he’s a really good brother! I mean yeah of course rays cute and all… no rays freaking ADORABLE! Lol. But my brother he’s just a P.I.T.A! (pain in the a**!) Ray- So i just wanted to know if you wanted to go on tour with us this july? It’s presented by 106nparktrue Yn- OMG! YES RAY YES! LET ME ASK MY MOM! HOLD ON! (RayRayPov): I knew that asking her was going to be a great idea. It was all prodigys idea. I think he kinda likes her.. But he cant have her cause she’s mine.. Well untill i ask her out.. But idk she dosent know i like her and she’s my bff so it would be kinda weitd. But the tour would be a chance to get to know her more since we havent talked in a while and a chance to get close to her and hold her in my arms.. (Ray Ray daydream): I had my arms around Yn waiste and she had her head on my shoulder. It looked like we was in a hospital bed. She had a lil tear in her eye and with the back of my hand I wiped it off. Deedee i love you and i never want to let you go. Yn- ray your never going to let me go and im never going to let you let me go i dont care what happens! Ray- Im so sorry that i wasnt there when this happend. I cant belive how foolish I was. You- No ray you dont need to apoligez i was the one who was acting foolish! I didnt know that you was jealous. And i do admit that i was spending more time with him than you. Ray and you kissed. (out of rayray daydream) (rayraypov): I was having the most wonderful daydream when i dozed out off it hearing Yn screaming my name from the computer. I actually got scared and went away from my daydream Yn- RAY RAY! RAY RAY! MY MOM SHE SAID YES!! I CAN GO I CAN GO! Your Brother- Yep she said WE can go. Yn- aww my lil bro wants to go with me on the tour isnt that sweet! Well NO! im not about to be with you all summer making sure that your ok and sharing a room with you! i do that enough at home. And why are you in my room anyways! Brother- Yeah that cause you want to share a room with you boooy friend and because i cant find rex! (rex is a lil dog) Yn- SHUT UP! you hit him aside his head. Brother- OW! MOM YN SLAPPED ME! YN- I soo did not i hit you aside your head! anyways.. Ray was busting out laughing at you and your brother fighting. While you was down stairs corey was in your room talking to ray. Ray- Lol Well thats great ok go ahead and get packed. We both have a long day ahead of us tommrow its 12:06 and you need your rest i mean alot! cause you have to get up earley tommrow. Yn- dang dude your acting like my dad! okay ray night. I’ll text you when im on the plane. The Next Day – You were wearing a Light blue shirt with stars all over it and some skinnys. Your mom was telling you not to forget a whole bunch of crap that you didnt wanna hear. Mom- Okay babe now dont forget to call me as soon as you get of the plane ok? And dont be affraid to call and say you love me or something you know i am so.. Yn- MOM! im going to be completley ok its only for the summer.. Well thats unless i show off my awesome skills and become famous. Corey- Ha like that would ever happen he said playin his D.S game. You hopped in the car and gave him a BIG wet kiss on his cheeck. Yn- Bye bro i love you. Bro- yeah yeah look that man has your name on that piece of paper. you looked at the man and it said Yn. Yn- Uh thats me? Showfer- Okay great im going to be showing you how to get on your plane. Follow me please. You say your last goodbye and follow the nice man to the plane. He gave you a lolipop and you laughed out loud! You havent had one of those since ray gave you one before he moved. You didnt want to seem disrespecful so you smiled and thanked him.

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