Chapter 8

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As we enter the club I immediately feel under dressed. And over weight. There were girls here that easily put me to shame. But all my doubts faded away as soon as I felt a familiar hand grab mine and pull me further into the crowd.

We danced, even though I was quiet possibly the worst dancer ever. And I needed a break. My feet hurts and I was thirsty. I excused myself to go to the bar and gave Destery a quick kiss and left.

I approached the bar and ordered a regular coke. I didn't feel like getting drunk tonight. I wanted to remember every detail. The way Destery made me feel. And the way his eyes seemed to wrap me in comfort and confidence.

As I turned to grab my drink I bumped into a rather solid wall of flesh.

Looking up I was greeted by a familiar and smiling face.


I had totally forgotten to take care of this issue. I hope he isn't mad!

"Hey babe! What are you doing here?" he askes. His words slurring a bit. Drunk. Nice.

"Aaron hey! good to see you again! how have you been?" I asked, I did genuinely want to know. But I also just wanted to grab my drink and make my way back to Destery.

"I've been better. Why haven't you called me? I've missed you. We never finished what we started!" he said, he was now swaying and sloshing a bottle he had in his hand.

"We never started anything Aaron. do you need me to call you a cab?" I asked, I definitely didn't want him driving in his condition.

"I need you to give me a kiss, that's what I need!" he stated, raising his voice. He leaned and puckered his lips. I threw my hands up to push him back.

He was strong for a scrawny guy, and I could only hold him of for a little while. My arms gave out and he fell into me almost making me fall to the floor.

"Hey! Buddy! Get off her or I'll have you escorted out!" said the bartender.

I squirmed trying to break free until someone grabbed him off me.

I looked to see a very pissed Destery. He glared at Aaron and pushed him into an opposite direction. He just stumbled and shuffled back into the crowd.

Relived I looked back at Destery, who seemed to have cooled down.

He strolled over to me and gave me a hug. I smiled. All I could the to say was,

"My hero!" I batted my lashes.

He laughed and placed both hands on either side of my face. He planted a sweet kiss on my lips.

"That's all I ever want to be baby." he whispered into my ear.

He grabbed my hand and led us out of the club. Although I thought the night was ruined by Aaron it turned out better than I expected.


We busted through the door at around 2 in the morning. Laughing so hard. We decided to go to Taco Bell, and while driving home. Passed a Del Taco, so Destery decided to shove his head out the window and tell "POOP TORTILLIAS!!!" As loud as he could. Making me and Nathan laugh.

When we walked into the apartment we all took off our shoes, leaving them where they landed. Without even thinking I walked to Desterys room instead of mine. And fell onto the bed.

"Babe! I brought you some clothes from your room to change into." Whispered Destery.

I sat up, grabbed the clothes, and walked to the bathroom.

I looked at myself in the mirror. Makeup smudged and hair frizzy.

I washed my face and put my hair up into a bun. And quickly dressed into what Destery had brought me.

I left the bathroom and crawled back into bed with Destery, he was still awake and watching me as I walked in.

"What?" I asked. Looking at him quizzically.

"Nothing, you're just so beautiful. I can't believe you'd go for a loser like me!" he stated.

"Destery Smith! You are no loser! You are the sweetest, most caring, funny person I have ever met. And you're the only guy that's made me feel beautiful despite what others have said about me." I admitted. it was all true. He was everything I'd ever wanted. And I wanted to let him know how much i care about him.

I crawled into bed. Facing him. His breathing barely audible.

We looked into each other's eyes for what felt like forever. Before he said,

"I love you Kaitlin. I really and truly do. And I don't care if you don't love me back, or if you feel it's to soon. I just need you to know how I feel." he said.

My heart was pounding. I loved him too. But at the same time I was so petrified that all I could think to say was,

"I love you too!"

He breathed a sigh of relief which made me giggle.

He wronged his arms around me and I nuzzled my head under his chin. As we both fell asleep.

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