Family ties

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My family is fucked in the head seeing that my dad is The Joker and  my mom was one of best moms until she became Harley Quinn but she is the one were my metahuman powers come from although in her it is recessive. My father was still sane when he and my mom met and created me. Daddy dearest didn't want me because he wanted a girl so they kept my twin sister Alexandria Mari Conners, yup, so he gave me to Deathstroke and he trained me. Deathstroke trained me in martial arts, use of guns, acrobatics,swords, to use my senses to their full potential,and taught me multiple(4) languages. Batman and Nightwing expanded on that and the heavy hitters of the league showed me how to pull my punches when using their abilities and the Flash family showed me how not to copy everything I see and to think,learn,slow my perception of time and gave me some of the speed force(and eat ALOT). But all in all that is my family pretty big right?

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