Chapter 12

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Melanie’s POV

I drive up to Emma’s house and honk to pick her up for the scouting up One Direction day. Normally I would be sighing in annoyance and rolling my eyes, but my date with Liam went so well that I even woke up this morning smiling.

“OMG!” Emma said getting into the car, “You SO wanna see One Direction! YOU ARE SMILING EAR TO EAR! ADMIT IT YOU ARE SO EXCITED!”

I laughed at her comment. She and Olivia have been so excited about One Direction being in California that I haven’t had the time nor the talking space to tell them about Liam. Every time I begin to tell them about Liam they go “AHHH ONE D IS HERE!!” Soooo I’ve kinda given up… for now.

After picking up Emma I drove to Olivia’s house with my background music of Emma singing 1D songs at the top of her lungs.

“Do you know how much I love you?!” Olivia said climbing into my car.

“A whole hell of a lot?” I say giggling.

“You have NO IDEA!” she replied. Olivia is one of my best friends. She’s such a funny, hyper girl, and an amazing dancer. She falls head over heels for celebrities. If I thought her falling for Justin Bieber was bad, I was dead wrong. She thought Justin Bieber was poo compared to One Direction.

I then drove to Jenna’s house to pick her up. She was equally as big of a fan as they were.


“AND HARRY IS GONNA LOVE ME!” Emma shrieked back.

“I JUST WANNA MEET ONE OF THEM! OMG OMG I KNOW HOW WE CAN LURE NIALL! WE JUST SHOW HIM FOOD!” Jenna joked. Jenna just got out of a relationship with a guy so she’s not even joking about dating one of the boys.

Zayn…Harry..Niall.. why did these names sound so familiar? I probably heard Olivia, Jenna, and Emma squeal about them before.

Olivia plugged in her Ipod to my car and “Up All Night” came on. The one song I enjoy. So, without thinking about it, I began to mouth the words to the song.

Olivia immediately gave a surprised gasp. Crap. Crap. She noticed.

“What?!” Emma asked confused.

I was absolutely silent I just faced forward and clenched my jaw. Crap. Crap. My secret is spilled.

“MELOO WAS MOUTHING THE WORDS! SHE LOVES THEM!!!!” Olivia shrieked. Yes. Cover is officially blown. They all began to shriek with excitement and Emma continuously yelled “I TOLD YOU SO!”

“Guys! Guys! Liv! Em! Jen! Shush! I can’t concentrate!” I yelled trying to calm them down.

“Okay. Okay. First stop is…. Winner’s Pizza!” Emma announced. I gave her my confused look so she explained to me that the boys love pizza. So, after we did not see them at Winners we proceeded to travel to EVERY Pizza place in the area and then EVERY ice cream place! This is wasting so much gas money that it may become Olivia’s Birthday present too.

“Guys, can we give up? We’ve been driving for over 3 hours!” I complain.

“NOOOOOOOO!” they said in unison.

“FINE! ONE FINAL STOP!” I complained. It was already 5 PM.

They looked at each other and again at the same time said “MILLIONS OF MILKSHAKES” I swear they have telepathy or something.

“That’s all the way in Hollywood!” I whined.

“PLEASE! PLEASE! PLEASE!” they both begged giving me their best puppy-faces. Damn it! I can’t resist puppy faces!

“No fair! Puppy dog faces are my weakness!” I proclaimed driving onto the 101 towards Hollywood.

“We know,” Jenna said triumphantly.

We pull up on the street where Million Of Milkshakes is on. But the street is packed with screaming teenage girls. Shit. I think we found them.

“OMG OMG OMG OMG OMG!” Emma hyperventilated.

“IT’S THEM! THEY MUST BE THERE!” Olivia shrieked.

“MELOO PULL OVER!” Emma ordered.

“PLEASE!” Jenna added.

I rolled my eyes and finally found a parking space. They leapt out of my car and I chased after them. I immediately was surrounded by a bunch of screaming fans. I kept laughing at how ridiculous they all looked.

“Hey everyone!” a British voice said. This must be one of them. I couldn’t see their faces because there were so many people around me.

“So great to see you all!” an all too familiar voice said. I tried to strain my neck up to see their faces. Why did I recognize that voice? I look up and only see a cute blonde guy who seemed to be apart of the band. He looked right at me, and his jaw dropped a tiny bit and his eyes widened. He them flashed me an adorable smile. Well… that was weird.

“LIAM WE LOVE YOU!” I hear the fans shriek. OMYGOD. That’s why I recognize the voice. No. It couldn’t be. No. NO. NO.

I push past all the fans to the front. I have to see for myself. No. It just is a guy who looks like him. Yah. That’s it. Who am I kidding? My worries were confirmed when he turned around, saw me and looked up at my torn up, confused, hurt, and terrified face. He looked horrified, worried, and shocked.

“Melanie!” he yelled after me as I pushed through the crowd to leave. I had to get out of there. I didn’t know where Emma, Olivia, and Jenna were, but I didn’t care. I just had to get out of there. I didn’t know what to think. How could I be so stupid!? Why didn’t he tell me!? WHAT IS GOING ON!? I ran to my car, locked myself in and called Andi.

“Andoo?...” I said in a shaky voice. I could barely hold the phone I was shaking so hard.

“Merloo? What’s wrong?” she asked concerned.

“Liam he. He. He…” I tried to get out. I just began to sob.

“What did he do to you!? Did he hurt you!? I will break his ass!” she fumed.

“No. no,” I struggle to get out. I take a deep breath in and say “Liam is Liam”.

“What!?” she replies, “I’m not following… Of course he’s himself..”

“No. He’s Liam from One Direction”.

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