8- Rocky

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Percy's PoV:

I tried not to think of what happened a while ago by focusing my attention on the vines and roots on the ground. If I focused too much, the roots will either sink into the ground or move out of the way and it still makes me fascinated. Of course I'm the god of the earth but I feel like a toddler who just learned how to pronounce a new word. Whenever the incident gets into my head, I either trip over a big root or bump into a branch. I don't know what's wrong with me but whenever I fall, I want Artemis to look back and say something or even scold me. It was just too quiet and awkward... Then I tripped over something. This time Artemis looked back and I was too happy that I forgot to look at the thing that tripped me. When I finally looked at it, I screamed like a little girl and backed away.

"What is that?!" I asked Artemis and I was suprised that my voice was an octave higher.

"Why do you ask me? You're the earth god so you should know the species of your own domain." Artemis sneered.

"You're the goddess of the hunt!" I fought back.

"Do you want an arrow in your head?" Artemis growled at me. I made a face at her which annoyed her. Then she took out her bow and an arrow.

"Geez! Why were you not given the title 'goddess of bad temper' anyway?" She aimed the arrow at me and let it loose. Suddenly the creature jumped and bit the arrow in half. My eyes widened and I stared at the creature. "Artemis..." I stuttered. "What is that thing?!" I panicked as it faced me. It was pretty simple to describe it, the creature was just a plain rock that was the size of a big stone with tiny branch-like things sticking out to serve as its limbs but it had razor-like teeth. It's eyes glowed red, giving me the creeps.

"How do I know?!" She shouted at me but the creature kept its attention on me. You're a goddess for Hades' sake! I wanted to shout at Artemis. "I have never seen it before anyway. I think it wants to be your sacred creature or something. Maybe that's why it saved you."

"What?! That creature?! Are you kidding me?!" I pointed at it and it showed its shark teeth at me. I smiled sheepishly. "Sorry buddy. Of course you can be my sacred creature. Hehe. No worries." It made a salute-like movement at me and disappeared into the earth.

"Gods! You act like a little girl!" Artemis said. "From what I know, now that you have accepted it, it will appear whenever you are in danger."

"So that means you cannot hurt me?" I asked innocently with puppy eyes.

"Try me." She said deadly calm with fire in her eyes. But the fire in her eyes died for a moment but came back. That made me confused but I tried to not mind it.

"You want me to try?" I asked since I was confused. She made an irritated face at me.

"Yes of course! I would be glad!" Artemis said sarcastically.

"Are you serious or are you just dumb? You know that if I try, you'll kill me and that rock will kill you too. Oh! I just got an idea! I'll call him Rocky!" Artemis flared up.

"Ugh! Idiot! How dare you call me dumb?!" She got out her silver dagger and smiled cruelly. "Do you want to be butchered here or will you run?" I gulped and stood up. Then I ran for my life. Before I could get far, the dagger grazed my ankle. I stopped, not because of my ankle but because I thought I saw a flying horse.

"You pig! Stop staring at the sky like a dumbass! We are already here, are you coming or not?!" Before I could do anything, Artemis dragged me by the ear.

"Ow ow ow..." I continued to howl like a dog in pain. Then we passed a white arch and the atmosphere changed. Then we stopped in front of a group of surprised teenagers who drew out... Wait. Weapons?! Artemis let go of my ear and changed into her godly form. I took it as a sign and I also changed into a more dignified form cause Artemis dragging me in like a dog is not a very good entrance for a god. The teenagers' eyes widened and they dropped their weapons just as a conch horn blew. I glanced at Artemis nervously and she glared at me. Just then a horse with an upper body of a man came galloping towards us and it made my legs wobbly. I've seen a lot of weird things in a day of being a god and my head is gonna explode if it gets weirder.

"Lady Artemis! What brings you here? And who is this gentleman?" The horse man asked. He looked at me with interest when he said the last part and it gave me the creeps. His eyes had so much wisdom, knowledge and experience and the old horse man was too formal for my taste.

"It's nothing special, Chiron. And this..." Artemis glared at me, again. "Is the 13th Olympian." I heard gasps from the crowd that has gathered. After a moment the horse man, Chiron, raised his hand and everyone got quiet.

"All hail the 13th Olympian!" Everybody bowed after Chiron said it. I was just frozen in place because I didn't know what to do.

"Uh okay. Thanks everyone... Uh you may rise now." I said nervously.

Artemis nudged me hard and whispered. "Introduce yourself, idiot."

"Uh hello. I'm Perseus Jackson but you can call me Percy for short. I'm the god of the earth." I smiled nervously. From the corner of my eye, I saw Artemis facepalm. When I said the last part, I heard many gasps and murmurs from the crowd.

"Lady Artemis and Lord Perseus, let's talk in a more private place." Chiron said politely and gestured for us to follow him. We arrived at a room with a ping pong table and some chairs sorrounding it. We sat and I saw some crackers and ChizWiz on the table. Of course me being me, I took a cracker and applied some ChizWiz and began to eat. When I noticed the silence, I looked up and saw Artemis glaring at me while Chiron was staring at me. I hurriedly ate the cracker in my hand and grinned at them.

"So what's up?" I asked casually.

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Date Published: November 2, 2016
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