The Heist

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I'm ashamed of this title. But when temptation calls, you will most likely answer. So anyways, this chapter will be in the point of view of the great Mad Max! Who is so salty that if you put him a lake... FINISH MY SENTENCE PEEPS!
I hope you all enjoy this chapter and I hope it's fun.

~Max's POV~

I jumped from tree to tree with Shelby and Ross following closely behind. I was honestly really worried about him, he kept on zoning out at random times and it would often lead to him getting hurt.

"Hey guys, do you think we could steal a chicken?" I literally stopped in mid-air because of how stupid that sounded.

"Ross, we run out of food because Galilao ate it all. And you want a chicken?" Ross only nodded. I finally decided to stop defying gravity and start to fall. I screamed as I fell but I would be lying if I said it wasn't fun. Until I hit the ground.

"MAX! Are you okay!?" Shelby yelled as she climbed down.

"Oh yah Shelby, I fall of a tree and land on my back." I groaned "I'm totally fine." Even though I was whining, I was actually kind of fine. It's like most of the pain just evaporated. Shelby blushed in embarrassment as she helped me up.

  "Oh, yah. Sorry Max." I blushed a little bit too as I took her hand as she pulled me back on my feet. I might have a tiny crush on her.  (To all my Corby shippers who are reading this I apologize in advance. Please do not flame. Besides, I might be slightly starting to ship Cory and Ashlie. God what is wrong with me.) I mean, who wouldn't!? She's nice, pretty, always knows how to make us laugh and is just all around perfect.

  "HEY IF YOU TWO LOVE BIRDS ARE DONE," Ross yelled from above. Me and Shelby glared at him in a very "anime", as Ross loves to read, style. By that I mean we stared at him as if fire was circling us while he hid under our gaze. He quickly calmed himself down as he quieted his voice while we made our way back up the trees. "The village is a little bit further ahead." He was right, the little town was not too far away from us as we continued jumping.

  'Showtime.' I thought as we jumped on the nearest house and quickly made our way to the nearest market place. First thing we needed to steal was some food.

  ~Shelby's POV~

  Everything was going fine, we snuck into the market while the shop keeper wasn't looking. Their wasn't much, just a bunch of meat. It honestly disgusted me with how many animals people would kill just for some money. Max and Ross didn't seem too fond of it either but we had no choice. It's always been the same for us, steal or starve, and known of us wanted to starve.

   "This place gives me the creeps." I whispered as I put something that looked like dead rabbit into my sack. I gagged a little as I pushed other types of meat in there as well. This was obviously recently caught.

   "No kidding." Max nodded as he did the same. "This is more of a slaughterhouse than a market place. I may like meat but this is just cruel." (If anyone is supposed to be a vegetarian in real life I apologize.)

   "Yah." I looked around noticing the lack of a squirrel hoodie anywhere. I panicked a little and began to quietly search the isles of meat until I heard a clucking noise. "Oh please no." Max came up behind me looking confused. I ran around the corner and saw what I was worried about. Ross was kneeling down by a chicken that looked at him with fear filled eyes. Ross seemed to be comforting it and it seemed to calm down. The sight almost made me calm down but I noticed the the string tied on its left foot. "ROSS!" I whispered as loud as I could to try and get his attention. He didn't seem to hear me as he continued to pick up the chicken. I heard Max trying to get his attention as well but it was too late.
Ross picked up the chicken and a bell could be heard from the front of the store. I mentally face palmed and panicked at the same time as I heard the door open. The three of us shared looks of worry before quickly launching ourselves out the nearest window.

   *Throws phone across room*
I FINALLY FINISHED THIS PIECE OF CRAP! Alright so sorry this took so long, I had to rush this chapter a bit but since this is so short and because it took so long to publish, I'm jumping straight into the actual story by next chapter so see ya. AdorbzKitsune, signing out.

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