Fallen Memories - 11

    I flipped onto my back, staring up at the blackened ceiling. The floor was bathed in a silvery light coming in through the balcony doors. The rest of the room remained untouched, settling into a comforting darkness after the sun had went down. Shortly after my conversation with the guardian angel, she advised that I head back. I wasn’t sure of her motives, but she made it clear that she and I couldn’t be seen together.

    I’d spent the rest of the afternoon trying to convince Mom I was fit to go out shopping on my own, but at that point, she pulled the ‘you skipped school’ card. The day I’d left with Colton, the school had called home. I’d forgotten to make up an excuse, given the fact that my mind was reeling with the fact that Colton not only existed in my dreams, but in reality as well. As of late, I was partially grounded until Mom decided what to do with me. She told me we could go shopping tomorrow but for the time being, I was to remain on the premises where she could keep an eye on me.

    Now, as I tried to fall asleep, my mind seemed to be overly clogged with thoughts. They raced through my mind, one after the other. I tried multiple times to put an end to them, at least until tomorrow, but when one thought died, another came to life. Blowing out a sigh, I folded my hands over my stomach and resorted to counting sheep. Fifteen sheep in, a figure crossed the balcony. They stopped before the doors, casting a shadow over the strip of light across the floor.

    A moment later, the door opened and they stepped in.

    “Ivy,” Colton whispered. “Are you sleeping?”

    I bolted upright in bed and stared at him, blinking. Though I wasn’t necessarily tired, a fog had settled over my brain.

    “No. How did you find me? What are you doing here?”

    “Intuition told me you might be here,” he said.

    I lifted a brow, not quite buying it. “You came here on gut instinct?”

    “You doubt me, princess?” The corner of his mouth tipped up.

    I shoved the covers back, the desire to be closer tugging at my heart. He opened his arms to me the moment my feet touched the cool floor. Snuggling closer, I shut my eyes and inhaled the scent that clung to him. Something pine and...winter. Like fresh now and sharp winds.

    “I missed you,” I said softly.

    “I think it’s safe to say the feeling is mutual,” he murmured, wrapping his arms around me. He brushed a  kiss along my temple, using one hand to sweep my hair away from my neck. He traced his finger along the curve of my neck, along my collarbone and up to my chin. Tipping my chin up, he studied me.

    “Why are you here?” I asked, the instinctual story not quite clicking.

    “Does it matter?” Eyes still locked on mine, the quirky smile on his face seemed to disappear. “I got the notion that someone of my kind had been around you.”

    “A fallen angel?”

    Slowly, he shook his head. “A guardian. I’m right, aren’t I?”

    “I don’t know her name,” I admitted. “I followed her.”

    “You followed her?” His eyes skimmed over me, as if trying to gather my thoughts from my expression.

    “I saw her wings, when Mom and I were heading upstairs.”

    “Was she here on business?” he wondered.

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