Alpha Meeting

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By the time noon came my brain had all but shut down from the endless piles of paperwork and the ever present fear of what was to come out of our agreement. I've prepared myself for the worst with my weapons hidden and my senses on high alert.

I crept through the forest until I was right to the pack boarder and climbing a tree to sit and wait finally after a good five minutes a figure approaches on the packs side before like me climbing a tree and waiting. Sitting perfectly still I wait to discover their trickery, after a half hour neither of us have moved and no one else has come along. My legs are cramping and my back hurts just as I think I'm going to fall out of the tree I notice movement from the other tree.

Down jumps the figure who stretches before pulling out a phone dialing and then waiting for sometime before angrily punching a tree creating a dent the size of his fist.

"Where are you?!"

He's voiced sounds familiar....

"Are you backing out on me?!"

Did Ashton make a deal with him to capture me?!

"The least you could do is pick up your freaking phone!"

Growling loudly he thrusts his phone in to his pocket pacing furiously. Careful to make as little noise as possible I pull out my phone, seeing a missed call I ignore it and go straight to messaging. Thanking the moon I had the sense to put my phone on silent.

"Where are you?" Almost instantaneously the man on the ground checks his phone, typing furiously.

My phone lights up and I glance down "I'm here. Where are you?!"

He can't be here unless... looking down at the man still pacing wildly. Could he be Ashton? Had we both been hiding from each other without knowing it? I almost laughed it was ridiculous really two grown Alphas hiding from one another, both thinking the other had bailed.

Slowly descending the tree I stop at the base, what if I was wrong? Pulling out my phone I dialed Ashton's number and waited a buzzing noise filled the air as the man quickly answered his phone.


here was no mistaking his voice sighing I whispered "Turn around."

Slowly he did as I ask his body tense and ready for an attack. When his eyes finally landing on me, he stared for a minute before growling and stalking towards me.

"Where. Were. You?!" Anger rolls of him in waves and his nose flares with each breath.

Smiling cheerfully, I wave "Hi!"

Really it was quite funny to see him so upset, it's taking great self control not to crack up right now, he should be grateful I'm trying.

"I ask you a question!"

"Now, now Alpha no need to be so grouchy. After all, I'm here now aren't I?"

Taking a deep breath he gently rubs the bridge of his nose before sighing.

"You're right it doesn't matter. Here." He hands me a large manilla envelope "All the Alphas contact information are in here."

Peaking inside I see several sheets of phone numbers as well as names and among other papers I don't bother reading. Slipping the envelope into my messenger bag, I nod in acknowledgement.

"Are you ready to go?"

"Yes, but I can wait for you."

"What do you mean? I'm ready."

He looks at me as if I've lost my mind. "You cannot be serious."

"Of course I am."

"You look like you're going to war."

"How else would I dress, I'm supposed to protect you."

He shakes his head "Escort me not protect me."

"Same thing."

Sighing he takes my arm and gently pulls me in the direction of town. "Umm where are we going?"

"To get you ready."


An hour and a new outfit later he finally agrees to leave. Leading me over to where his truck is parked. Opening the door he waits until I'm inside before shutting it and jogging around to his own side.

We drive in silence for a few minutes before he turns into a driveway, parking the truck and hoping out, jogging around to my side before opening the door and offering me his arm.

"Where are we?"

"Alpha meeting." He answers shrugging his shoulders as if he's just said the simplest and most natural thing ever.

"What?! Are you crazy?!"

"What better way to be accepted then to attend an Alphas meeting?"

"Rogues, Alpha or not are not welcomed by packs!"

Sighing, he runs a hand through his hair "Look even if they wanted to hurt you they won't dare, not when you're with me."

"Why would that matter? We aren't in your territory nor mine neither of us hold any authority here."

"That maybe true however, both of our packs are easily twice the size of the others not to mention how they fear your pack and respect mine. Trust me, they will not be stupid enough to try anything."

There is now way this could go well.

Squaring my shoulders and lifting my chin I stare at the building in front of us.

"Lead the way."

Smiling he wraps an arm around me, leading me up the steps and to the door before raising is fist and knocking loudly. After a few minutes a tall woman with an over baring nose, answers the door. Raising an eyebrow as her gaze falls on Ash's arm around my shoulder.

"Alpha." She bows her head before turning "Right this way."

Letting go of my shoulders Ashton strolls on in front of me, leaving me to fall awkwardly behind as we follow the woman to double french doors covered by thick white curtains. Bowing again the woman left, leaving us to face the Alphas alone.

Taking a deep breath I watch as Ash opens the door then steps to the side allowing me to enter first. Well, here goes nothing.


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