Twenty-nine - Time

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It seemed like I waited there for hours just hoping he could answer me when I felt a hand tap my shoulder.

"Sorry sir, I need to close now."

I got up quickly and nodded, "thanks for letting me stay."

On my way back home I felt some sort of calmness inside me, as if a decision had been made which was odd since I was still extremely conflicted. Not only that but I felt alone. I could not talk to anyone about who I felt because the only person that knew about my plan was Taylor and he's betrayed me.

I sat on my chair and grabbed another bottle of wine to literally drown my sorrows. I don't really know what happened that night but the next thing I knew was that someone was knocking on my door. I got up disoriented and went to open the door.

"Dude what happened to you??" Taylor walked into my place while looking at me incredulously.


"You do realize you need to get changed and get ready to be married?"

"Yeah... what time is it?"

"Look just shower, take some medicine and get ready, I'll make sure you get there on time."

I nodded absentmindedly still half asleep as I headed to the shower.

Mia's POV

Today was the day that I had been waiting for. I could not believe how quickly it got here. The nerves were taking over my excitement as my hair was styled and my make up done. I kept it natural for the most part because I thought it would look more elegant and go with the wedding theme.

Our wedding was taking place in a sort of secluded venue. It would be outdoors in a small forest looking place because we thought the greenery, fairy lights and nature would just make it unique and elegant. The trail that led to the wedding was lined with white petals and lanterns. There was a beautiful open meadow next to a small quiet lake. Alex had somehow managed to set up beautiful wooden tents and a dance area. Everything would just look magical.

I heard my mom gasp and say "darling you are the most beautiful woman I have laid my eyes on"

I smiled adoringly at her and gave her a big hug when I saw her eyes get teary.

My dad was silent but I could see happiness in his eyes.

He said, "come on let's get ready to go, I got a call saying there's a groom waiting."

At the mention of Alex my stomach started doing summersaults and I could not wait to get to the venue so I could see him.

Alex's POV

I was standing at the altar that had been built for the occasion waiting on my bride. Everyone had already taken their seats and soft music was playing. For some reason I did not feel nervous at all anymore. It was like my father's presence was looming over me calming me down. I was looking around at the expectant and excited faces when I saw them beginning to turn. I followed their gaze and could not help my mouth slightly opening when I saw how breathtaking Mia looked. Her wedding dress fit her body perfectly and her hair was softly caressing her face. She had the most beautiful and loving smile on her face and her big blue eyes were looking at me with love. My heart felt like it was literally growing with every step she took towards me. The crowd could've been dancing for all I know, all I could focus on was her. Our eyes were locked together having our own private conversation.

Her father broke our gaze by saying, "you better take care of my baby girl" in his deep voice but I could hear a tinge of admiration. I knew that he liked me even if he acted all tough.

"I promise" I said full of conviction.

I held Mia's hand and smiled at her as we began the ceremony.

Mia's POV

It was all passing by in a blur. From the moment I opened my eyes this morning until the moment I saw him waiting for me at the altar. I could not believe this man would be mine forever now. His loving gaze penetrated me as I walked down the aisle. I knew I should be paying attention to the priest but all I could think of was the warmth he was emanating because he was so close to me.

It wasn't until I heard my name being said by the priest when he asked me to say my "I do" that I realized I'd been so distracted.

I looked up into his eyes and they were full of raw emotion. I smiled bigger than I was before and nodded, "I do" I said in a strong clear voice which surprised me because I was so nervous. The priest asked, "do you Alexander Kingston take Mia Franco as your wife?"

I was expecting a quick and eager response but only silenced ensued. One second...two... three... I kept continuing in my head my heart becoming more frantic as time passed. I looked into his eyes searching for an answer but it was like he was in a far away land talking to someone else in his mind.

The priest cleared his throat softly after a few seconds and I could feel every gaze on us. At this point all I wanted to do was run away and crawl under a rock but my feet were stuck to the ground.

Alex's POV

I knew I was taking too long to answer but everything inside me was split in two. I could feel people's eyes burning into my face but it didn't matter. I was looking into Mia's eyes and all I could see in them was genuine love for me.

"Dad... I can't... I'm so sorry dad, but I love her," I said in my head. As soon as those words came out I felt peace wash over me. I knew my dad would forgive me. I knew it would all be okay.

I didn't realize how long I had been taking until I saw Mia's eyes getting moist and saw the panic and pain in them. I opened my mouth as quickly as I could and said "I do" with as much confidence and love as I could to make sure she knew I wanted no one else but her.

It was like everyone let out a sigh of relief once I said those two words including Mia.

"You may kiss the bride" the priest added.

I slowly got closer to her and held her face gently but tightly and gave her the sweetest kiss I could. When our lips broke apart I saw real love and happiness in her eyes and I knew even though I failed to keep my promise, I had made the right choice. At least this time.

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