An Expanding Family Part 42

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Neena's POV...

Knox and I were still getting use to the fact that our unexpected guest was carrying our first grandchild.

I hadn't even thought of grandchildren since I was still surprising Knox with our own. I don't know at times whether to laugh or to cry. Especially when I made contact with Phia's mother.

Earlier in the day..

Holding the paper which had the Payne's number on it, I made sure that the house was clear of any kids, Phia included, to make this call to her mother.

Looking at the number, I memorised it and after getting a pen and paper along with a cup of tea, I sat at the table and made the call.

It only rang a couple of times before a worried voice answered.

"Phia." Was what I heard before speaking to the very worried and desperately sounding mother on the other end of the line.

"Mrs Payne. My name is Neena. Your daughter Sophia arrived at our home last night. Let me reassure you that she is fine and there is nothing to worry about." I quickly said into the phone to settle her fears since I'm sure she'll have some.

"She's with you? And just where do you live?" The lady asked on the other end of the phone as she snapped out to me.

"My family is just outside of Fitzgerald down in Georgia. I understand from what Sophia has said that you're in Winchester Kentucky. Is that right?" I asked her very calmly since I know how upset and stressed she would have been feeling up to now.

"Yes. But why is she up there? She has had us very worried.We've even got our friends out looking for her all over the countryside. Why is she there?" She was asking me in what sounded like a frazzled tone of voice.

"I would imagine it was to tell our son that they are having a baby." I said to her bluntly after a moment or two, waiting for the explosion I'm sure is about to come.

"So I was right. Damn it. She should know that I'm always here for her the little stinker. She has always done the exact opposite of what we all expect. Just like Mark did. If he was still alive, I would kick the damn man's arse again for giving me a child just like him in all things." I heard the lady say to me from the other end of the line sounding frustrated.

"Who is it? Is it Phia?" I heard a masculine voice say from the other end of the phone along with another mans voice a little quieter in the background.

Hearing what sounds like the phone being passed around, I then heard a familiar voice speak into the phone in a rough and abrupt voice.

" This is Detective Morrow of the Lexington Police Department. Can you please identify yourself and state your adress please?" I heard Tate say into the phone.

He was the detective who saved not only Les when Tiffany Crawley rammed her car, but my daughter as well since she was in the car with Les.

" Actaually Tate. You already have our details and Sasha is still expecting you to get your arse up here to see her too. Shortly would be nice." I said with a very cheeful voice into the phone knowing that it was going to throw him off with his concentration.

" Neena. Is that you?" He asked me which had me smiling as I took a sip from my cuppa.

" Of course. Fancy running into you, through the phone that is." I said to him with a smile. Not that he would have seen it of course.

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