6: She Can Do Magic

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Khanak stopped smiling when she saw Shaan staring back at her as though he was studying a masterpiece in a gallery. She was unprepared for the directness of his gaze and seeing him in this state, alert and coherent for the first time, threw her completely off her moorings. She looked away to try and recoup. But when she turned back she found him gazing around the room with an utterly lost and bewildered look on his face. She glanced inquiringly at Nurse D'Souza who simply shrugged her shoulders. Khanak thought for a moment then smiled at her nurse and gave her a conspiratorial wink.

Nurse D'Souza promptly read Khanak's mind. She said directing a pitiful look in Shantanu's direction; "I think Mr. Khandelwal here needs brain surgery. His mentation has been fluctuating a lot. I'm afraid something's direly wrong. Do you agree doctor?"

"No! I'm perfectly fine! I don't need surgery of any kind!" Their patient declared loudly.

"So what was that you were doing just now Mr. Rajkumar? Pretending?"

Shaan flushed. He had been caught in the act again. He saw Dr. Agarwal looking at him, her beautiful eyes saying quite clearly; GOTCHA! I am smarter than you think!

You certainly are not as bholi bhaali as you look, he thought. There seems to be a wily brain floating around in that pretty skull of yours. Beauty and brains-- a deadly combo. No wonder Dr. Deepak is crazy about you. Now why don't I like that? Shaan pursed his lips sensing a pang of envy.

Meanwhile Khanak was back to being a bunch of nerves, her sensation of triumph short lived. She tried very hard to feel indifferent while examining Shaan but that was proving to be more difficult than she had anticipated.

Shaan observed that Khanak was barely touching his chest with her stethoscope. Surprisingly he could sense her discomfort. What? The smart and cool Dr. Agarwal suddenly uncomfortable? What's going on? Were they playing a cat and mouse game and their roles had suddenly reversed so that now it was his turn to be the aggressor? He sensed he relished the idea especially since she made such a gorgeous mouse. He smiled to himself. It seemed his exceptional charm was finally having the desired effect. The unflappable Dr. Agarwal was showing signs of nervousness. He almost wanted to rub his hands in glee!

He relaxed and lay back on the pillow and watched her closely knowing she could feel his gaze on her. Her face in profile was exceptionally delicate and exquisite with each feature carved to perfection. Her smooth complexion glowed as if lit up from within. Her eyelashes fluttered against her cheek like a butterfly's wings. He wished he could feel them on his skin, and those lips, hmm...kissably perfect.

Meanwhile Khanak was feeling irritated with herself. Her mind had gone a complete blank. His watching her every move was not helping much either. She was making a mockery of the examination. With her slender hand she pressed gently on his abdomen then traced his sutures with incredible tenderness hoping they wouldn't scar badly. He fidgeted under her touch and she jumped as if stung by static. She looked at him and he grinned back unabashed. She did a cursory nerve check and he willingly followed her commands. She noticed that he gripped her fingers a little too tightly and then let them go very reluctantly, all the while staring at her face. It was flustering that she could not meet his eyes without blushing.

"Uh...Mr. Khandelwal is making great progress. He should be ready to go home in a day or so," Khanak said to break the silence not knowing that she was repeating herself. Shantanu was amused while Nurse D' Souza gave her a puzzled look. She had never seen her behaving like this before. Dr. Agarwal had always been the epitome of efficiency.

Khanak wanted to flee from this room before Nurse D' Souza figured out what was going on. She was incredibly sharp. Besides she needed some fresh air. The room had suddenly grown very hot and she could feel beads of sweat running down her back. But her torturer looked as cool as a cucumber. "Do you need me for anything else nurse?" she asked.

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