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After we leave Barney looks worried. "What's wrong"I asked. "I don't know "he said. "Barney "I said. "Do you really love me. "He said. Love. We never said love. "...."I said nothing. "Cause I love you"he said. "B-Barney. "I said.

He looks down. "I-I d-don't k-know"I said. He nodded. "That's ok"he smiled. I blushed.

Everyone left but Adam. Why. Your making this hard on me. "Max you ok"Adam asked. I nodded.

"Why did you kiss me"I asked. "I wanted to. I always wanted to really"he said. I smiled. "Your getting into a mess Adam. All I'll do is hurt you again"I said. "I trust you"he said. "I warned you"I said. He laughed.

"So Ross and what's her name"he said. "He won't shut up about her. "I said. "Lila"he said. I nodded.

"They seem good together "I said. He nodded. "So do red and Barney "I said. "Yeah "he looked down. "Yeah"I said.

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