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  Pete woke up to light in his eyes and a pounding headache in the back of his mind. For a moment he felt happy. It was Saturday and the sun looked beautiful as it filtered through the window but once he looked over at the empty space in his bed everything came crashing down.

  Looking over at his clock, it was already 9 am and Patrick still wasn't home. However, Pete's mind was in a more stable place now and he was able to think a little more rationally about the situation. Patrick didn't answer any of his calls but it was entirely likely that his phone died. Even so, it was still strange that he didn't check in with him.

   whatever the case, the one thing he was glad about was that he didn't do anything stupid or desperate like he was known to do in the past. Things that would have only made everything that much worse. It did concern him now that he went into a full blown episode over something so unlikely.
      Hearing footsteps coming from the hall, his ears instantly perked up as Patrick walked in the door with his backpack slung over his shoulder, a large smile on his face. "Hey Pete!" He said, dropping his bag and kicking off his shoes before jumping on the bed next him.
    "Sorry i couldn't call you. I went over to Dallon's house and hung out there and my phone died. Anyways we fell asleep watching a movie so when i woke up i hurried as quick as i could over here. It was so cool to hang out with him. He's the only friend I've ever made by myself." Patrick said excitedly, sounding like a little kid who had a play date.

      "It was no problem. Just- next time make sure you call me and tell me what your doing." Pete said carefully. He didn't want to crush the boy's happy spirit and he didn't feel like telling him about what happened last night. In fact, he didn't feel like telling anyone.

     "Promise." Patrick smiled, kissing him lightly before getting up, feeling hands lacing around his waist.

"Stay with me."

  So Patrick did, curling up to him for another hour of sleep before the two were interrupted by a loud ringing from the bedside. Blindly picking up the phone, Pete answered with a groggy "Hello?"

  "Pete? What are you doing?" A wonderfully refreshing British accent rang out. "Hey Dan. I just woke up. Why?"

       "Uh... what would you say if I was at the Chicago airport right now with Phil?"

   "I would say you are fucking crazy." Pete answered before a nervous laugh echoed through the speaker. "Haha... yeah. Well i guess im a little uh... crazy."

   Instantly he sat up. "You have got to be fucking shitting me. Are you joking? You have to be joking."

  "Nope." And with that, a large smile stretched over is face. "Oh my god. Your serious. I'll be over there in 30 minutes." Pete laughed, hanging up before jumping out of bed, bringing Patrick with him. He insisted on staying in bed but Pete wasn't having any of it, handing him clothes and a breakfast bar before leaving in a fresh pair of clothes as well.

    He was so excited to see Dan in a happy state. The last memory he had of him was with scars on his arms and dark eyes that radiated pain. In fact both of them were like that; beaten, broken and lost in a darkness that they didn't have control over. It was unsettling to remember those times but it was all gone now and they were both okay.

     Beside the fact that they would finally see each other happy they would also meet each others boyfriends which would be interesting. They seemed to be matching from the description, both innocent and sweet.

   Pulling up to the airport, the two got out and walked into the airport hand in hand. "I hope he likes me." Patrick smiled nervously, looking up at him. "Of course he will. Who doesn't like you?" He reassured as they reached the security check in point.

  All around them families and businessmen were rushing through the hall, some reuniting with loved ones and some alone. Airports were generally weird places to be because of the reasons people were there. Some were there to travel, some to go for business and some were just going to see their family. It would be interesting to ask everyone where they were going.

     All of a sudden, Pete was being hugged by a tall boy wearing all black with brown hair styled into a fringe. Pulling away, both of their faces lit up like fireworks. "Oh my god Dan! Its been for fucking ever!" Pete exclaimed, cheeks hurting from smiling. "I know right! It's so good to be back." He grinned before remembering his friend.
   "I almost forgot! This is Phil." Dan said, moving to reveal a slightly shorter boy with bright blue eyes and a similar looking black fringe.

   "Hi! It's so nice to meet you." Phil said, having to look down at Pete's 5'6 frame. "Nice to meet you too. This little dude is Patrick." He said, revealing the boy that was currently hidden behind him. Waving slightly, he stepped out of Pete's shadow and took a good look at the two British boys, his gaze falling onto Phil.
   "Oh my god. Phil!" He said, enveloping him into a hug the moment their eyes met. "I haven't seen you in forever! What even happened to you?" Patrick exclaimed.
    "You two know each other?" Pete asked from behind the two. "Of course! Before i moved to London we were best friends. I was planning on visiting you but here you are!" Phil said, clearly happy.

  "Dude that's crazy. Come on guys, lets get to the car and we can go over to my house." Pete said, making conversation the whole way home. It was crazy how little they all had changed since they last saw each other. Sure they all had matured but they still loved the same things and acted the same way.

  As they parked into the driveway, Pete instantly turned around to look at the two in the back seat. "Alright. So i know my parents will let you stay here but the only rule is that you cant act... gay. They basically hate anyone who isn't religious, white or straight so when your in front of them, make up something about a girlfriend and don't say anything that will make them suspicious. I know it sucks because me and Patrick have to sneak around it but it's just one of those things." He sighed, watching as the two nodded in understanding before getting out of their car and grabbing their suitcases.

    "Just going to warn you that me and Phil might get a bit jet lagged so don't be mad if we want to fall asleep at 4 pm." Dan teased as they walked inside where his parents were no where to be found. "No problem. So here is the new Wentz residence. Mi casa su casa come on in." Pete said grandly as they followed Patrick down the stairs to where the several guest rooms were. "You guys can sleep in any of these rooms down this hall and down the other hall is the hang out room and me and Patrick's room." He continued, pointing towards each direction.

    "So you and Patrick live together?" Dan asked curiously as they walked into one of the guest bedrooms and started to unpack. "Oh yeah, i forgot to tell you. Patrick's home life wasn't the best so i allowed him to stay with me since we both agreed he would be better off. My parents hated him at first but they ended up agreeing after a lot of lying." Pete answered, looking over at Patrick in a reassuring manner. There was no way he would tell either of them about the boy's old home life and how horrible it was and most certainly not without his permission.

     "Oh cool. This place seems pretty nice." Phil smiled, looking around at the modern decor placed around the room. "Yeah its nice but its too big. My parents only bought it to prove their wealth. Its ridiculous. Anyways... ill leave you guys to unpack. Meet us in the large room down the hall when your done and we can eat some food and hang out." Pete smiled welcomely before taking Patrick's hand as they left to go prepare some food.


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