Prussia, Russia, and America?

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So I was reading up on Prussia and I stopped for a second.

Has anyone ever noticed that Russia and America owe a lot of who they are to Prussia?

Like in real life history and Hetalia.

Prussia bullied but helped Russia bully other nations and the two were on opposite sides several times before the Treaty of Saint Petersburg, that being said they could be seen as equals that liked to pick on each other and others.
In Hetalia Prussia was a good reason as to why Russia finally snapped.

Prussia was present during the American Revolution and had a major role inspecting and training the Continental Army, it's also been said that Friedrich Wilhelm von Steuben was considered to be a founding father of the USA
In Hetalia Prussia trained America and heavily influenced the character we see today

Fast forward a bit and it was the Allied nations-Russia and America included mind you-that dissolved the State of Prussia which was the only thing left of Prussia and what it'd been before.

A few years after WW2 the Cold War started between a communist, all seeing but not speaking power, and a capitalist, all speaking but not seeing power.

These two nations would not be here without Prussia and we forget that so much. We need to pay tribute to who created such a well defined rift between two nations.

One that sees but doesn't speak-one that is cold-one that is broken and falling apart

And the other

One that speaks but doesn't see-one that is warm-one that is reconnecting and rising from the rubble of a Civil War

All things considered you have to wonder that if Prussia hadn't been in either of these nations lives...

Would either even exist?

Prussia has been there through it all... the nation finally met its end to one that it had picked on and one it had trained...

So interesting...

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