Becoming The Lady Part 7

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19th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

What the hell was I thinking having Mrs Beemer take me shopping.

How every other girl manages to go through this and come out at the end of it unscathed is beyond me. I just wanted to get in, see what I want and get out. That was the plan and I told Mrs Beemer that was what I wanted to do.

She just laughed at me as if I had said something highly amusing to her.

" Ladies are not made in a moments notice " She had said to me with a smile.

So there we were in the fifth damn store looking for dresses that I would feel comfortable wearing. So far, I have managed to get myself some nice pretty girly shirts that weren't that girly, a few jeans, a jacket or two and that dreaded underwear.

The real pretty frilly kind.

But dresses were something else entirely.Thats because you need a dress for different occasions. You have day dresses for everday wear. Dinner party dresses for those tea's or meetings where you have to be dressed appropriately.

Then there were those damn evening dresses and gowns and if all that wasn't enough. You need to have them for each season which meant triple the amount.

The ones we saw were either too short, too low. Some were missing pieces or they were too long.

There were some that were too old and too daggy, too stiff and I really didn't know what to think when we saw some that may as well not be worn at all since they were too see through.

I won't even mention the ones that were too bright and then we saw some that had reflectors attached. Some were so ridiculous that all I could do was laugh at the sight of them.

In one shop, it was so bad, Mrs Beemer had to drag me out of the store apologising most profusedly to the store owner as we left.The bust on one particular dress was like a Mr Whippy icecream cone.

The front of it poked out into a coned point it was ridiculously stupid. I was imagine my breasts evetually lookinglike that after the dress was taken off and I told Mrs Beemer just that and I know that even she was struggling to not lose control of herself.

I really hate shopping.

I couldn't help it. The only dress I owned was a little spaghetti summer dress that I wear around my bedroom as a nightie. That was it. And I know that I am not the only girl out there who feels as I do about shopping.

It's a damn waste of time.

Although, I will say that I had some really good enjoyment when we were in one store.

Angela and her friends had come in while I was in there trying on some older styled looking dress that Mrs Beemer made me put on.

I was standing in front of a mirror with both Mrs beemer and the shop assistant talking about the dress I had on.

I actually think I liked this particular dress. Or more like the style.

It was an Audrey Hepburn style of dress. She was one classy lady among many and her sense of dress was impeccable and many women, and men, couldn't deny it. Me either.

I wasn't that ignorant about fashion. I just chose to ignore it where I was concerned.

"It doesn't matter how many times you shampoo the dog and dress it up in it's little ribbons and bows. It will always be a dog underneath." I heard Angela say from behind my left shoulder just out of sight.

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