"I'll have two of the tripple bacon cheesburgers, steak fries, a strawberry malt and.. oh! A Dr.Pepper" Sam ordered, handing his menu to the sluttly looking waitress who kept pulling her shorts higher everytime Sam looked at her in hopes of being sexy, but giving her a camel toe. She leaned over and pinched his arm making a remark about how strong he was and if he worked out. Well clearly he does, now back away. "Hi? Yeah. I'll have the cheeseburger with a Sprite and curly fries?" I asked quickly, shoving the menu at her "It'll be right out" The waitress said giving me a glare before walking away and shaking her butt as she did.

"God Sam.. you eat alot" I giggled once we where alone. The burger place was old, complete with the red leather booth seats and checkered floor. "I'm a growing boy. I need food" He said, wiggling his eyebrows "Not that much" I pointed out as the waitress brought our drinks "So, come here o-" She tried, touching Sams arm.

For some reason I got really really angry, maybe even jealous. Before she could finish her cheesy pick-up line, I interupted her with a short laugh "Can you not hit on him while i'm sitting here?". She smiled at me in a 'You actually think he likes you?' kind of way before patting my arm and walking away. Sam chuckled and smirked, looking at me. Our eyes met and I practically died seeing his tan skin, pink lips, brown hair, and gorgeous dark green eyes. "Jealous much?" He finally asked, bursting into laughter again.

"No! I-It was just rude. I'm sitting here with you, and she's practically giving you head over there" I spat, leaning back and sipping the sprite the slutty waitress brought me. It tasted like regular Sprite but the thought of her touching Sam repulesed me to the point of not wanting the Sprite-or anything else to eat for the matter.

Pushing it away, I leaned back and rolled my lips, staring across the table at Sam who was struggling not to laugh.

Maybe slutty waitresses smile was right, and I wasn't good enough for Sam. Screw her. I'm Allie. Confident, sassy, artistic, Allie. And she's a slutty waitress who has daddy problems. She has nothing on me. Conceited much? Well, have you seen my butt?

"My Princess is jealous" He sang, practically swallowing the entire milkshake. Shaking my head, I huffed and kicked him under the table. "Move over here with me" He commanded, with a smirk. Obeying, I moved my stuff to other side of the table and walked around so I was next to him. He pulled me closer and my breath hitched feeling the warmth and electricity that I still hadn't gotten used to.

Wrapping his arm around me, I let out a breath I didn't know I was holding as his warm hand grazed my arm. Pulling me closer, his free hand brushed my knee before settling on my thigh "No need. You're the only girl I see" He whispered huskily in my ear. The slutty waitress came back carrying our food and set it on the table, quickly running off.

"Yum" I said excitedly, grabbing the ketchup and squirting it all over my fries "What are you doing?" Sam laughed, pulling the ketchup out of my hands "Putting ketchup on my fries?" I giggled, grabbing one and chewing it "Thats not how you do it" He said jokingly. Moving his burgers over, he squirted the ketchup on the plate and dipped a few of his fries in it and eating them before kissing me and leaving a ketchupy kiss mark on my cheek.

"You don't kow how to eat fries" I huffed.

"Yes I do"

"Do not"

"Do to"

"Really? How do you eat oreos"

"Just eat them"

"No! You pull the cookie apart, lick the middle, then eat each side"

"Why do that? You're missing the good part"

"No! I'm not!" I hissed, turning away from him and eating my burger. "You're so cute when you're mad" he laughed, kissing my cheek "I have a question" He concluded. Arching my eyebrow at him, I sipped my soda before eating another fry. "Spring Break is coming up, and want to spend it with you. And only you" He said, picking up his second burger and taking a bite "I don't think Ruby'll like that.." I giggled and he nodded "So, Andrew, and a few of our friends are going. I want you to come with us" Sam explained and I breathed in deeply.

"Ammi'll be coming." He said and I gave him a funny look "Well.. if she was making out with Andrew, Gray'll want nothing to do with her anymore. And Ammi and Andrew knew what they where doing when they where making out. They knew the risk" He said, his beautiful eyes turning black. "Is Gray seriously like that?" I asked, pushing my half finished plate away "Yup".

The sweet girl I became friends with would seriously defriend a girl just because she made out with the sibling off her ex-boyfriend. "Sure. I'll go" I told him, holding my breath as I leaned into him and brought my hand to his face "You have a little.." I mumbled, wiping the ketchup off his lip with my thumb. Pulling it away, I pushed my thumb in my mouth and sucked the ketchup off. 

"Princess" Sam growled, his eyes a darker black, "Y-yes?" I asked, and he let out a heavy breath "Don't tempt me" He growled and I gave him a flirtashious smile "Like this?" I asked, sliding one leg onto his lap and turning to face him while I straddled him. "Kitten.." He growled and I blushed, shocked by my action. Pulling his wallet out of his pocket, he slammed enough money to pay for our food on the table and lifting me up. Wrapping his hands under my butt, he ran out of the place faster than anything before setting me on the hood of my car and leaning into me.

"Don't tempt me" He growled, and I pouted "I would have taken you on the table" He said under his breath, causing a wetness to pool between my legs. "And i'm not sure you would've liked that" He purred, his eyes turning back to green. "Maybe.." I giggled, before our lips met in a heated kiss. He deepeded it immidiatly, pushing his tonge into my mouth and swirling it around.

My arms wrapped around his neck and I could feel the hardness in his pants as it pressed into my thigh. 



I know this is a relativly short chapter. But it packs a punch, am I right we have 2 fights, a sluttly waitress, and a heated makeout scence? And all you little pervys out there.. there will be a sexual scence coming up, but i'll warm you before it happens. 

Question of the chapter:

1) How do YOU eat a oreo


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