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"today was supposed
to be a good night"

"You seem excited." The driver said, looking at him through the front mirror. "Yes, I am. I don't know why, probably because Jungkook left without telling me so I'm just really happy and excited to see him, even though it's only been few hours." Taehyung giggled and giddily looked out the window. The man in the driver's seat smiled shaking his head. "Your smile is really bright." He complimented looking back at Taehyung.

The said boy turned to smile at the driver but gasped in horror as he saw a truck passing by. The traffic light was red. The driver was supposed to stop the car. He was supposed to meet up with Jungkook at his parents' flower farm house. He was gonna jump on Jungkook and kiss him, telling him how much he missed the boy even though it's been just few hours. He was going to look at those pretty flowers and smell them. He was going to take pictures with Jungkook at the garden.

Why was this happening?

When the man realized Taehyung not smiling, he confusedly looked in front to see what Taehyung had seen. Before he could even have the chance to step on brake, the limo crashed into the truck.

Their bloods dripped from their head to every part they were injured. A pool of blood with everyone passing by making gasping noises. Taehyung heard every, "oh my god." "Ahhh!"

Everything around him. He opened his eyes, he opened them but couldn't move. He steadily breathed. He without moving his head looked at the driver who's chest was still moving so slowly that he was afraid it'd stop anytime soon. He wanted to reach out to the old man and wake him up, telling him to start driving towards where Jungkook was at.


"Eomma! That's too much!" The boy whined, not wanting the proposal to be too much: Taehyung didn't like fancy stuff, more especially Jungkook didn't want others to see Taehyung and him kissing pictures. "Oh shut up Jungkook, Taehyung's going to love these photos." Mrs. Jeon shooed the boy and placed few more framed photos she took at graduation. "How do you have that picture!" Jungkook screeched when his mom placed the last photo she was holding in her hand.

"Secrets." She giggled, staring at the photo she secretly took of her son and Taehyung cuddling. "You guys are so precious." She kissed Jungkook's cheek. "What if he says no? What if he says he's not ready yet, mom?" Mrs. Jeon shook her head at her son's anxieties. "He loves you, Jungkook. Of course he's going to say yes." She rolled her eyes and walked away.

Jungkook took a deep breathe. "I can do this." He said to himself. "I can't believe my younger brother is getting himself a fiancé." Wonwoo smiled and hugged him. "Congratulations Jungkook." Mingyu congratulated. "Not yet." The nervous boy answered. "Taehyung is obviously going to say yes, don't worry too much." Wonwoo added. "Trust me, I was the same. When I proposed to Mingyu, I was so scared he was going to say no, but he said yes and I was so happy. After that, I realized I was just overreacting."

Jungkook beamed and sighed. "But what is taking them so long?" He looked at his watch. "I'll call him, excuse me." He went to a corner and dialed Taehyung's phone. He tried it many times but the boy did not pick up. He called for the last time and thankfully the phone was answered.

"Oh my god Taehyung! Why weren't you answering my call? I was so worried! Are you okay?" He bombarded. "Hello," came the respond. He looked at the number and it was Taehyung's but the voice wasn't. "Hello?" The voice said again. "Who is this?" The voice on the other side asked. "Uh, hello, how do you have this phone? This is my boyfriend's phone. Is he okay? Where is he?"

"Oh, I'm Dr. Lee. He's in the operation room as he was in car accident. Are you able to come to the hospital?" Jungkook felt paralyzed. "Hello?" The caller said. "Are you still there?" Dr. Lee asked. "Which hospital?" Jungkook questioned. "Ggukil hospital." Jungkook quickly ended the call and ran to his mom. "Eomma," he sobbed. "Taehyung— he, eomma, Taehyung-ah!" He wept. "Jungkook? Why are you crying? What happened to Taehyung?" She worriedly asked. "He, he got into accident. Eomma he's at Ggukil hospital !" He cried.

"I'm going to go there!" He turned to run. "Jungkook no! You can't drive like this. WonWoo! Let's go to Ggukil hospital!" The four of them went to the car. Leaving Mr. Jeon and all the other family guest behind.


"Where's Taehyung! Where is my boyfriend!" Jungkook asked the recipient nurse at the front desk. "The one who was in car accident!" He yelled as she was just staring at him. She quickly searched something and replied, "he's in the operating room."


After two hours of waiting outside the operation room, the doctors came out. Jungkook swiftly got up and ran to the doctor. "How is he? Is he okay? Is Taehyung okay!?" He asked with tears. "Yes, he's okay. He's out of danger." The Doctor replied. "What about the other man? Is he okay?" Jungkook lifelessly asked. "Yes, but he's in critical condition."

"When can I see my boyfriend?" Jungkook questioned. "After he's transferred to a room." The doctor replied. "I'd like for you to put him in a VIP room, whatever the cost." Jungkook demanded. The doctor nodded.


Minutes of waiting and finally, he was able to see his boyfriend, see his Taehyung. "Oh my god, Taehyung!" He cried as soon as he opened the door to the VIP room Taehyung was in. "How could this happened? Today was supposed to be a good night. You were supposed to say yes, I want to marry you Jungkook!" He cried, holding onto the lifeless boy. "I love you so much. I'm so sorry for leaving without telling you anything. I'm sorry. It's my fault. I'm sorry!" He sobbed and sobbed and sobbed.

"Baby, please wake up." He begged. "Please, I need to see you smile." He clutched onto the boy's hand. "Your glasses are broken." He cried more. "Oh my god, I don't know what to do, Taehyung. Please wake up before I go crazy!" His family entered the room. "Jungkook, calm down. You're disturbing him." Mrs. Jeon calmly said. "How can I calm down when my boyfriend is laying lifelessly on the bed!" He shouted at his mom. He felt guilty for yelling at her, but he couldn't control it. He couldn't control his anger. He hated himself for that.

"Taehyung, please."

a.n: fuck i cried. i'm the one writing it and i cried in the second paragraph. even if it's a ff, i don't like things happening to taehyung. 😅

this book was actually supposed to only have 10-12 chapters but ended up being till 15 and so i wanted to end it in today's chapter but i just thought i'd make it a little longer. haha. i hope you liked it.

and , applause, it has 1000 words 👌🏼😩😂 first time in this book

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