Bad touch trio

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France: Honononon~ that's my England, look at him! So cute and adorable!!

Spain: Please! England is nothing compared to my little Roma~ oh you should've heard the nasty things he was saying last night!!

Prussia: Pfft!! Zhose two can't even compare to zhe hotness zhat is America!

France: We should go and take them all by force~!!

Spain: By force? Roma gladly lays down for me

Prussia: Vhere's zhe fun in submission? You guessed it, no vhere!!

France: Honononononon~!!!

Spain: Hahahahahahaha~!!

Prussia: Kesesesesesesese~!!


England: What are those wankers doing in the bushes?

Romano: Probably something stupid-a

America: Yeah probably. Let's go and get something to eat guys!!

England: I can make it-

Romano: NO WAY IN HELL!!!

America: It doesn't taste that bad does it? I've always found it acceptable.

Romano: runs in the family...

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