Palm woods

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You and your best friend step foot on the palm woods.
Jessica- (Y/N) we finally did it, we now have a chance to be stars...
You- ok ok, let's go get our room key, hello... Mr. Bitters we would like like to know what room we are
Mr. Bitters- ah yes, room 5B
You- thank you.
You see a near by pool, since you guys were on a plane forever you decide to go to your room and change for the pool. Out of knowhere the elevator opens with four cute guys walking out. You and Jessica run inside of the elevator and the boys stare at you with their mouths dropped
You- uhm hi, we're new here
You say with a smile and then the doors close.

Jessica- omg they are hot
You- tell me about it

You walk into your room, it's not too bad so you hurry up and change into a swimsuit and hope that those guys will be there. You then realize that those boys aren't just normal cute guys, they are big time rush, your favorite band of all time. So you try to make yourself look cute just in case they are there and once you and Jessica finish getting ready you head to the pool


You arrive at the pool and you see the guys so you sit in a chair across from them. You and Jessica decide to make yourselves available so you both hand in hand run and jump into the pool. You start laughing and go under water and play pool tag with Jessica. Once the guys notice you they all jump in as well, Kendall purposely jump next to you.

Kendall- oh my god, I am so sorr-
You- oh it's fine

You feel yourself blushing and you guess he saw your cheeks because he started smiling and looked down.

Kendall- my name is-

You- Kendall yea I know, I am a huge fan

Kendall- well that's good to know you are a fan

While you and Kendall were talking you couldn't help but notice Logan having a sad look on his face while watching you guys talking. On the other hand, Jessica was really hitting it off with James

James- man, that's good to know that a sweet girl like you is a fan of our music

Jessica- well thanks

Carlos- yea Jessica, you guys just got here and we are all hitting it off so well.

Jessica- well I think me and (Y/N) should get going, maybe we will see you guys here later?

All the guys- yea

You- well bye :)

Kendall- bye...

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