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OKAY :D Like I have said before the big scene slash ending of this chapter (you'll know what I mean) was the entire inspiration to this Sequel. If I hadn't of thought it up then there would probably not be a sequel. This HAS to be probably my. FAV. CHAPTER THAT I HAVE WRITTEN SO FAR. And I REALLY hope that you enjoy it as much as I do.


Chapter Thirteen- Love The Way You Lie

“Okay so we have a wedding dress?” Eli asked writing something down on a piece of paper.

I nodded dully staring out the kitchen window behind him. In a few hours it would be dark and it would be closer to the wedding.

I should be excited right? Not just wallowing away…

I sighed resting my chin on the palm of my hand.

“Are you alright honey?” Eli asked, and I snapped my eyes to his. Never had I heard his voice contain some concern in them. I stared into his beautiful orbs for much too longer than I should have.

“Have you ever gotten the feeling where it feels like something horrible is about to happen?”

His eyes were confused for a moment before he chuckled lightly “You’re just having the normal bride chills”

I shook my head, staring back out the window “The wedding is the farthest thing from my mind…”

I could tell the old normal Eli was back when he rolled his eyes and stood up “Well alright then, I better be off. I’ll see you in a few days”

I stood up with him, and walked him to the door. “I’ll see you then” I whispered before closing the door and heading up the stairs, ignoring our usual ‘company’ in the living room.

I rubbed my head as I opened the door to our bed room.Tom was sitting up against the head bored flipping through the television. He looked up at me “Hey” he smiled, that heartwarming smile.

I crawled up on to the bed and placed my head in his lap, sighing. His fingers glided through my hair, and I closed my eyes relaxing into him. “What’s wrong sweetheart?”

I shook my head from side to side lazily “Just stress…”

“Maybe you should go running. You haven’t been in awhile” He suggested.

I opened my eyes staring into his icy blue ones. That was a good idea; I could clear my mind there and figure out how to chase this guilt away. “Yeah…I think I will”

He smiled down at me, continuing to comb my hair through his fingers.

Running in the cold was better than any other weather. Numbness clamped on my body as my mind was going a thousand miles a second. Snow floated down peacefully and settled on the ground as I ran through it. Music was blasting through my ears, from the ipod Emma had gotten me.

I shook my head hurriedly. These thoughts just had to leave me alone. I wasn’t doing anything, I hadn’t done anything. Then why was I so afraid to tell Tom?

It was true that I had never known him to be the jealous type, but then again I still don’t know why he has insecurities. And I want anything but Tom to get mad.

I hate it when he gets mad. It won’t solve anything and- I don’t even want to think about it.

I was already ignoring Blake…granted for different reasons, but maybe I should just never think or speak of Blake again. Ugh but then it will come back chomping later.

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