Chapter 2 - You're Beautiful.

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Summer’s POV

            Autumn and I walked into the auditorium just like every other seventh grader. We had to attend a brief assembly since we were all new to the school and had to learn about rules, lockers, classes, blah, blah, blah.  As always, Autumn and I sat together. We had always felt safer and comfortable when we were near each other so; it was just an instinct to sit together.

            Everyone from the bus all sat in one row. Already we were all becoming friends and I was happy. I didn’t want this moment to end but, I knew in a matter of moments it was going to. I heard someone tap on the microphone making it send out an ear – piercing, screeching noise across the entire auditorium.

            “Sorry about that. I’m Principal Johnson and welcome to Bloom Hill Middle School. Here at Blo-“ And that was the last thing I heard before the bell rang meaning it was 8:00. Yeah, that assembly went quick. We all got placed in the same homeroom but, our schedules were different.

            My first period was Math. I had an advanced class for that and as far as I knew I was the only one in it because Autumn didn’t want to take advanced math and I’m not sure about the others. Then I had Science with Sean, Charli, Holly, Jake, and Zane. For third period, I had gym with everyone! YAY! We got sooo lucky on that one! After that, I had History with Tyler, Johnette, and Liv. Then lunch! With everybody! Lucky again! For fifth, I had Spanish class with Jake, Tyler, Autumn, and Jacquelyn. Sixth period I had, Cooking class with all the girls! Apparently, it was like the only good elective… unless you wanted to take gym again. And I didn’t. Lastly! I had English with only Zane. That’s one crazy schedule.

            Math class – BORING! My teacher, Mr. Dooley, was a LITTLE on the crazy side. He always seemed like he was yelling but, his voice was just so loud. I sat by a girl named Michelle. She was nice but, I don’t really see us getting to be best friends. When the bell rang, I ran out of the room so fast I bumped into Tyler causing all of my books to fall.

            “Oh my! I’m so sorry! Let me help you with those.” Tyler offered.

            “No. It’s okay. I’m fine. I’m clumsy.” I said causing us both to laugh. We walked to my locker so, we could put all the books back. I grabbed my science book and was about to say bye when he grabbed my wrist to stop me from moving.

            “What?” I asked slightly confused.

            “You’re pretty cool you know.” He said giving me a small grin. I started laughing and continued on my way to my next class.

            I didn’t have to turn around to know he had been staring at me. I could feel his eyes piercing into my skin but, I loved it. He was so cute and sweet but, I didn’t want to get hurt. I mean nobody ever wants to get hurt.

            By the time it was lunch, I was starving. I made a quick stop at my locker and dropped my books off picking up the ones I’d need after lunch. Autumn and I wanted to walk to lunch together so, I was going to meet her at my locker. I closed up my locker and let out a scream.

            “Jesus Autumn! You scared me! Don’t do that!” I screamed while smacking her on the arm.

            “Sorry Sum. You should have seen your face though!” She said while laughing. I ignored her and started off towards the cafeteria. Autumn ran up beside me and we fell into step. There wasn’t many people there yet so, we quickly hopped into line before that all changed.

            They had cheeseburgers today. I got one with lettuce, tomato, and pickles, while Autumn just took hers with lettuce. We paid for our lunches and then got the table in the farthest corner. It just seemed like a nice place to sit. I saw everyone come in and grab there lunches.