Chapter 1 - A New Day, A New Town.

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            My name is Summer Rose Garcia. I have an identical twin sister, Autumn. (Our parents named us both after seasons... I think those may have been their favorites.) Autumn and I are both thirteen, born June 24th. We just moved to Florida and are starting our seventh grade year at Bloom Hill Middle School.

            Our old school was fun and we met a lot of nice people there but, there were never any REALLY cute boys. Of course, I’m going to be excited if there is a cute guy but, I don’t want to jump into anything. Autumn on the other hand… Well, she’s Autumn.

            My mom had us move because she got stationed here for her job. I’m happy to be moving because living in Colorado felt weird to me. I just didn’t feel like I belonged there even though I had been living there since I was six. My dad… left when Autumn and I were only two years old so, it’s been hard for my mother to take care of us.

            Sometimes I miss him. My dad. I never really got to know him and sometimes I strain myself to try and just remember a glimpse of what he looked like or who he was. But, most of the time I can’t and I have to go look at old albums and photos that mom has stored in her room.

            Suddenly, I hear a scream coming from Autumn’s room and immediately know she’s had ‘The Dream‘again. She and I both get it but, we’ve never spoken to anyone about it but, each other and mom. Sometimes it’s just hard to trust others.

            I got up from my desk and ran into her room. I found the light next to her bed and turn it on. My head turns towards her and I notice she has tears falling from her eyes. She just stares straight ahead unmoving from her bed and the position she’s in.

            “Autumn? Are you okay?” I ask.

            “Yeah. I hate that dream! I hate it! It makes me remember and sometimes I don’t want to.” She said, tears still spilling from her eyes.

            I climb up into her bed and hold her close. Whenever we’re together we always seem to calm down a lot easier than, if other people tried to comfort us.

            “Sum, will you stay with me for tonight? I don’t want to seem like a baby but, tomorrow is the first day of school and summer is going to be over, and I just don’t want to be alone tonight.” Autumn said breaking the silence.

            “Sure.” I said giving her a small reassuring smile.

            I pulled down the covers and climbed in next to Autumn, falling asleep instantly. Not even remembering to turn the light off.

            The next morning I woke up at 5:45. Autumn wasn’t next to me so; I knew she must have been in the shower. I went into my room to turn on my straightener and curling iron. Autumn and I agreed that we would do our hair and make – up differently but, we’d wear our matching outfits that we had made two days ago.

            “Hi! Aren’t you exciiiiited?!” Autumn practically screamed as she walked into her room, next to mine.

            “YES! Don’t forget to put your extensions in!” I said laughing.

            When I got in the bathroom, I brushed my teeth before taking out the pony tail I had in my hair from the day before. I took off my clothes and jumped in the shower. Autumn had actually saved some hot water for once so, I was very thankful.

            By the time I had got out of the shower and got dressed it was only 6:27. I still had enough time to do my hair and make – up the way I wanted. I put in my clip on extensions and started curling my hair, making sure no piece went untouched. After that, I straightened my bangs, did my make – up, and went to have some breakfast.