The Sky : Chapter 2 (Shingeki no Kyojin/Attack On Titan)

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Chapter 2


I need to get to grandpa. I need to get to him and save him. I can't loose anymore family, I just can't. Mama and Papa wouldn't leave me on my own would they?

I jump off the roof making a somewhat steady landing. "SORA W-WAIT!" Armin yells nervously. "Mom... MOM IS AT HOME!" Eren yells. Before any of them Could start running, I sprinted as fast as I could.

I was only a couple of alley ways away from grandpa's home, but I tripped up. The loud footsteps of Titans ringed in my ear. They repeated and repeated. I didn't care, if I got eaten. I didn't care if I got stepped on.

I did care about saving grandpa, he was the only piece of family that didn't go up into the sky. He was the one who protected me all these years without Mama and Papa.

I tripped over, my foot got stuck in some debris that has just fallen. I tried to pull on my foot quite harshly. It took me over 3 minutes to release my foot from the debris hold. My foot was really badly injured, but I didn't care. I still sprinted to grandpa. I was sprinting for my life...

I got home, my home was half wrecked. And a 7 metre class surrounded it. My grandpa, was in that Titans grip.

I stood there, shocked. But still. A tear rolled down my cheek, as I made eye contact with Grandpa. He mumbled just enough for me to hear "Behind the painting in the living room, there is a letter...". I nodded and ran to the living room without being seen by titans.

I pulled off the painting harshly and there was a bag. A bag filled with letters. I equipped the bag to my back and went back to the front. I was to late, I saw grandpa being eaten by one of them... Grandpa got dropped into its mouth. He threw a ring at me, it was the ring that Papa had. Grandpa told me stories about the emerald ring. But I never actually saw it. I popped the ring in my pocket whilst shaking.

I knelt on the ground, screaming and crying. "Grandpa, if I didn't fall over... I could've saved you. It was my fault. I'm sorry, please forgive me. F-forgive me. P-p-please. I didn't m-mean to be late" I murmured to myself most the dialog being cut off by tears.

I looked up at the Titan with eyes of fury. My eyes in my imagination were flaming with pain and hatred. My pale lavender eyes looked up at the Titan.

I stumbled into the kitchen and got some metal that was originally attached to the stove to keep everything hot. But now, the metal was just a sharp piece of nothing. It was useless, but in my case. It was my life saviour.

I held the metal piece, it almost looked sword like. It was definitely sharp and blade like. But instead of being short it was very long.

I felt something coming over me, I was getting my energy back. All at once.

I climbed some debris to get to a roof, I then started steadily jumping from roof to roof. I aligned myself a couple houses away from the titans neck. I smirked.

I felt the presence of people, I looked slightly to my right and on the ground was Hannes a soldier we often spoke to. He was holding Eren and Mikasa. I could see pain in their eyes. A mixture of pain and horror.

Eren was screaming and struggling out of Hannes grip but Hannes kept a very tough hold. Eren was so traumatised, I wanted to help him. I really did. But this was more important.

I started to sprint straight ahead jumping from roof to roof again.

"Sora, stop you'll get yourself killed" I could hear Eren mumble under his tears. I didn't care, I cared about killing this Titan. Killing all the Titans. Every last one of them will be dead.

I jumped off the last roof swiftly. I aligned myself with the titans neck and slid the metal through the nape of its neck. The Titan shrieked, and blood splattered everywhere.

"Aghhhh what a bother" I shrieked. Blood dyed my light blonde hair red. Blood was splattered on my face. I grinned widely at the titans dead body. I was crazy for blood. All of a sudden I started laughing out loud. But that laughter turned into tears after awhile. I turned away from the scene not looking back.

I caught a glimpse of Hannes who was gob smacked and Eren was just shocked. I was the innocent girl who Eren had to protect. But this time I was protecting humanity. Even if I just killed one Titan. That justs means one less Titan is ridden off this planet.

I turned down the street, still holding the blood spattered metal in my hand. I started limping down the street with a smirk on my face. Whilst looking to the sky...


Hope you enjoyed, might do another chapter tonight. Not sure, but yeah. Next chapter will be up soon, I'm honestly still up for this Levi x Sora pairing.

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