Growing Up. Part 6

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19th October 2016 All Rights Reserved.

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Sarah's POV...

I stayed in my room after that when I got home.

Jack had been early that afternoon but Mrs Beemer spoke to him and told him that i would get in touch later on when I felt better.

I thought at one point that he would ignore her and run up the stairs, but he didn't. Mrs Beemer came up a little after he left and dropped in the extra school work that I have to do while not in school.

It was a week and a half before i saw him again despite him coming to the house very day to speak to me.

What surprised me too was that Mr Nolan had been calling at the house too wanting to see me, Mrs Beemer had said when she came up to report all these visitors to me.

But for some reason, I didn't want to see anyone. I just felt tired. I felt old and tired and just wanted to sleep.

Which I did most of the time during the day, but I did the homework late during the night when everything was real quiet and no one came and annoyed me.

It was about ten at night when I heard scruffling and scratching outside my bedroom window which distracted me from the english essay I was just proof reading as I finished it before sending it in tomorrow morning.

I wasn't sure exactly what it was and it was all quiet again which gave me the opportunity to finally finish and closing out my english homework for the week.

I had just opened up my maths homework when i got distracted again by those noises at the window again.

A quick glance at the window nearly had me crapping myself when I saw this ugly face squashed up against the glass panel. It was Jack who was making funny faces at me.

A couple of weeks ago, that would have had me burst out in laughter with the faces he made then. But I wasn't amused this time. I was still feeling pain in certain places. Mainly the back at my shoulder and hip.

My face was fading to ugly shades of yellowish and green hues.

Except for the gouged out cheek where the stone cut me after Mr Nolan threw it at at me. That was still sore, but a bit itchy now even though it looked red and angry looking.

Mrs Beemer was here when I stumbled through the door when I came home and saw that I was bleeding fairly badly and quickly moved me into the downstairs bathroom next to the pantry to have a good look at it.

She was all for taking me to the hospital, but I just shook my head and said that some butterfly strips will fix it. She just shook her head at me and did what i suggested.

The strips had been replaced with some fresh ones which were still on my cheek at the moment.

I set my books aside and climbed off my bed and went to the window, unlocking it and pushing it up.

"What are you doing here?" I asked him as I watched him struggling to get him lanky body through the window which he eventually did to fall on the floor.

"Ouch. Damn it." He was saying as he held his knee complaining.

"It's late. What are you doing here?" i asked him again.

"If you would answer the phone and..." He trailed off his words as he looked up and saw the bruises that lined the side of my face along with the butterfly strips.

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