Chapter XI: The Confusion

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Chapter XI: The Confusion



It's been a month now, since Prince brought me here. We became close? I guess so. He told me about himself, his favorite, food, color etc. I think he's a good guy.

In my stay here. I felt normal. But my cells, I feel something different about them. They keep on getting stronger.

I wonder what the others are doing. I felt abandoned. They haven't even tried to come and get me. Maybe I'm just a distraction. My heart aches, everytime I think about them.

"Hey, you okay?" Prince said while wearing a plain white shirt, pants, rubber shoes and a cardigan.

"Yup. What's with the attire? You usually wear formal clothes when you're going out." I said

"Well, today, WE are going out." He said, emphasizing "we"

"Where are we going?" I asked

"You'll see. Get ready and meet me at the living room" He said then went outside our room

Why am I okay with this? We share a bed. He is supposed to be my enemy. Trust me, he hasn't even touched me. He just said that he wants me as his wife.

I wore black jeans, rubber shoes, and a maroon sweatshirt, revealing my collarbone. I rushed outside the room and saw Prince sleeping. I slowly walked in front of him and tried to touch his face.

I was surprised when he pulled me down the couch and went on top of me. Our faces were just an inch away. I can feel my face got red. I quickly got up and walked.

"Le-let's go" I can't believe I stuttered

We rode the elevator and proceeded to the car.

The drive wasn't that long. We I realized where we were, my heart jumped. An Amusement Park.

"I love it when you have that face" Prince said

"Wha-What?" I asked

"Nothing. Let's go!" He grabbed my hand and we ran

He bought our tickets and we proceeded inside. I became really excited. Kids are running, people are smiling. I became normal. But I felt something different.

"Hey. Is there something wrong?" Prince asked

"Oh. Nothing. Where will we go first?"

I said

"Uhmmmm. Roller Coaster?" He's like a child

"Sure" I said and smiled

He dragged me to this huge roller coaster ride. My heart thumping and I know that my face became pale. When we were about to sit, Prince interlocked his fingers with mine.

"Don't worry, it'll be fun" He said calmly

The ride started slow. While we're going up, it went faster and faster. Princes' grip tightened and his face was hilarious. He kept screaming and screaming. I just laughed and enjoyed the ride.

When we were going down, his face became pale. I couldn't stop giggling.

"Are you okay?" I asked him

"Wh-where do you wa-wanna go next?" He said

"Let's eat?" I said and held his hand

We arrived to this coffee shop. We were not thay hungry so we decided to have coffee instead.

I ordered a cheesecake and a blueberry iced tea. Prince just ordered coffee.

While we I was eating, we just talked and laughed with each other.

We went out and he said he'll just go to the bathroom. When I was alone. I felt someone was staring. I looked back, no one was there. I felt scared because I knew that someone was staring at me.

When Prince was going out, I felt someone grabbed from behind.


When I was heading out of the bathroom, I saw Lu Han being kidnapped.

I didn't see his face because it was covered. I ran to get Lu Han but I was too late. He was gone. My powers aren't that stable.

I called my Mato's to find Lu Han. I can't afford to lose him. I still need him.


When I woke up, I was lying on a familiar bed. My hands were tied and I was just wearing a long-sleeved polo. I was scared and terrified. What if they'll kill me? What will they do to me?

The door opened and I saw him. After a long time, I saw his face again.

He...SeHun was walking towards me. He was half-naked and looks mad. It was like he was going to eat me up.

"SeHun-ah, wh-what are you do-doing?" I was trembling

"You.. betrayed us. It's time to payback" He looks serious

He grabbed my neck and pinned me down. It hurts and I'm scared. He spread my legs and pulled me. He began to kiss me. His kiss... it became different. It was lust and hatred..

I saw the others standing through the door. My heart dropped. They're just watching while SeHun is doing this.

SeHun tore my clothing and caressed my body. He licked my ear which made me shudder. He tried to kiss me but I looked away.

"Am I not enough? Huh? Is he really good in bed and I'm not enough? We'll see about that" He grinned

SeHun...what is happening to you? Confusion struck my head.


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