Chapter 13

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It was soon time for the wedding. You invited all of your good friends, as did Levi. You had an amazing ceremony, and kissed like you'd never kissed before.

As the two of you went back to your new home, you couldn't help but smile. Levi was yours. No one else could marry him, or date him. He was dedicated to only you.

It was an amazing thought to have, just to know that no one could steal your man. The scars on your wrists had vanished, and you never got addicted ever again. You already had the best man in the world be apart of your life. And he was making it a fairytale.

I can't believe how amazing everything is, how it's all turning out. How? Who could be just as lucky as me to I can't believe it. I think this is the happiest ending I could ever, ever get..

(( Sorry it wasn't much, but i have PSATS coming up, rip. Make sure to check out my other Levi stories and my newest fan fiction about Jasper! I promise that I will write more often and as frequently as possible, and there will be a longer chapter next with smut... heyheuheuheuhe. ))

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