Ordinary World

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"H-Hey Patrick i was wondering if you wanted to hang out today?" Dallon asked nervously, running his hands through his unruly hair as he leaned back and forward on his feet. It had been a few days after Patrick had saved him and he couldn't help but want to be better friends with him after realizing how kind the boy was. It was unnaturally weird how quickly he had accepted him as a friend when he was usually closed off.

"Oh hey Dallon! That would be awesome! Besides, I don't have anything better to do except mess around with Pete." He smiled causing his eyes to crinkle slightly as he looked up. "Cool. Follow me." He replied, realizing how excited he was to hang out with someone besides Spencer or Ryan.

The two walked towards a newer looking grey car that Patrick assumed was Dallon's before hopping in the passenger seat. As soon as the car turned on, music started blasting from the stereo, effectively scaring the two.
"Jesus christ on a fucking boat that was loud." Dallon exclaimed, slamming his hand on the off button while the other started laughing instead.

"I can already tell this will be a fun day." Patrick giggled sounding too adorable for mankind.

As the two started driving, he instantly noticed the rich neighborhood they were approaching that seemed similar to Pete's in the way that everything had to be absolutely perfect. All the houses they drove past didn't seem as nice but none the less, they were clearly properties that few could afford.
Pulling into the driveway, it looked quite empty, as if no one lived there.

"My parents aren't home much." Dallon explained as they got out of the car and into the house. It was clearly very modern and beautiful but had a strangely calm vibe that make it feel welcome. Going upstairs, they walked past several doors until they reached the end of the hall where the door was cracked open to reveal Dallon's room.

The walls were painted a dark blue and fluorescent lights were strung around the windows and door frames next to band posters and several bass guitars. "Its nice. Very Dallon-y." Patrick concluded, sitting down on the corner of the bed.
"Glad you like it. Do you want to play some video games?" He smirked, holding up two controllers.


"Brendon! Thank fuck your here!" Pete shouted, running up to him. "I haven't seen Patrick since i got home and he's not answering his phone. Do you know where he is?" He said breathlessly, worried that something bad had happened.

"Patrick? I saw him leave with Dallon. They're probably just hanging at his house- no big deal." Brendon said, trying to relax the small emo boy in front of him. "Thank god. I was thinking he was getting beat up by the asshats from yesterday." Pete said, sitting back down on the basement couch.

"Nah he's fine. If anything i should feel bad for Dallon. I never even knew he was getting beat up and im one of his best friends. He's such a quiet guy- im surprised he has opened up to Patrick so easily." Brendon said, thinking back to the bruises that littered the boys arms when he last saw him.

"Well that's good. Im glad he is making some new friends but i wanted to take him out on a date tonight. I even bought a rose. I swear to god that little fedora boy will be the death of me." He sighed, reaching behind him to show the single red rose that was resting on the couch.
"Awww! You guys are goals i cant." Brendon squealed. "Thats so adorable. Call him over here at around 6:30 and take him out. He will love it. Just- make sure Dallon and him get to hang out. Dallon needs to be more social anyways." Brendon smiled, looking up at the boy.

"Your a genius!" Pete agreed, already standing up with a light in his eyes. "Why thank you- i try." Brendon smirked, getting up as well.
"Are you going to do anything for Ryan? You guys haven't been on a date since the coma."
"What we have lacked in dates has been made up under bed sheets." He said, leaving before Pete could say another word.

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