Chapter 1

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"Nya, wake up we are so going to a party tonight," my best friend Anika yelled as she jumped on my bed.

"Anika, I don't want to go to any party. it's only 1 pm so why would there be a party at this time anyways," I muttered after looking at my android galaxy.

"Get the hell up bitch," she said smiling throwing my zebra print blanket on the ground.

"Fine," I yelled getting up and walking into out shared closet.

I grabbed my favorite blue strapless knee length dress and my black 5" heels with silver studs on the back of them. I also grabbed my blue thong and matching strapless bra.

"Ooo, you going all out," Anika said walking into the closet seeing my outfit I planned on wearing.

She grabbed a cute pink one shoulder knee length dress and her silver glitter heels. She also grabbed a pink thong and matching strapless bra.

We walking into our separate bathroom and took showers. I curled my long brunette hair and put on my blue earrings. I started my make up at 3:45 and ended it at 6:35. I slipped into my heels and grabbed my black silver studded clutch to match when Anika walked out.

Her black hair was put in a cute sock bum with the hair on the sides that wouldn't go up curled. Her makeup was amazing and she had her silver clutch.

"Holy bitch," I said smiling and hugging her.

"You look so damn sexy. You are sure to meet someone sexy at this party," she said hugging back grabbing her car keys.

"Let's hope," I said as we left the apartment.

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