All Of Me

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Yesterday I was a woman, soft and gentle. My heart soared to the clouds: my feelings, tender and sweet, swelled in my breast like the first blooms of Spring. She caught my eye with her beauty; long, silken brown hair and eyes wide like two deep pools of hot chocolate.

Today I woke as a man, my soul cool and logical. My thoughts converged into patterns along straight lines; solving complex problems in the blink of an eye. I saw her once more, her brilliance apparent as she thrummed with the energy of a thousand suns, her mind so complicated I couldn't possibly hope to understand it with science and logic.

Tomorrow I might be neither or both genders, a complex combination of soaring emotions and powerful intelligence. But she'll still catch my eye until the day I'm brave enough to reveal myself to her. She is a rarity: a soul that captures all of my essence in her thrall. I only hope that she can love all of me the way that I love her.

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