forsaken: the protection (on hold)

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Hiii guys look I know some of you might have seen the title of this story before and then read it and think WTF why is this story different? But that's because I deleted the other one, for stupid reasons. I tired to please everyone and got upset when I didn't get enough reads. But I realised that I don't have to have everyone's approval. So this story I'm happy with and I hope you are too.

Enough of me babbling, on to the story : )


Song: without you - breaking benjamin (its absolutely awesome, not sure if it goes with the chappy tho)

Chapter one

Lone wolf

Thump thump. Thump. Thump

My feet pounded against the floor, echoing through the woods as the leaves and twigs crunched under my steps, my breath coming shorter as I continued my fast pace.

Thump thump thump

Owls nearby cooed and twitched as I shoved past trees, shaking the canopies above, I needed time, time to think things over. My pace suddenly slowed a bit and I knew I was growing tired but I had to push on, I had to keep going.


Though I continued to try and speed back up, my pace eventually slowed though my pounding heart still frantically trying to push blood around my body as I slowed to a walk, my eyes searching the area I was in now.

I was in the middle of a large clearing, the surrounding trees and bushes remaining as nothing more but shadows to my eye sight, it was a dark with a soft glow from the moon and the wind was picking up slightly around me as I stood and thought.

Why had I come here in the first place? What was it that made me need to run so I could clear my thoughts?

Then I remembered it was because of my parents, those stupid sadistic people who wanted me around for nothing more than a punching bag, why did I take it? Because I had to, I didn't want this, I didn't want a life were I always had to be stepping on egg shells, but I had to. People say in life we have to do many things that we don't like but it's for our own good, but with this, I'll never understand why they hate me so much.

I lifted up my arm, looking at all the shiny bruises on my arm, purple red and black blotches covered my skin not to mention some lined scars.

This was what they did to me, the pain and suffering from them made me want to kill them, but in the end I stayed silent, I didn't move, talk or even think. Even though I could feel every single hit, every single burn and scratch, punch and kick it made no difference I wasn't the girl that was now standing in a clearing thinking about her life, I was like an empty body, an empty shell that held nothing inside except from the involuntary fast rate of my heart beat.

I had to be honest, the whole experienced changed me, I was once happy, carefree and responsible in life, I used to think my thing with my parents was just a small bump in the road but then it got worse and by the time I was 8 I would avoid them like a rash. Every time I saw them, it was like a bad memory or flashback that would shake me to my core, and I feared them greatly. But also as I grew older my soul started to become like a hard outer shell unwilling to let anyone inside, I had become a strong yet untrusting person to anyone who came near me, and of those people that I did take the time and effort to trust them then they'd be sure not to break it, because I would seriously beat the crap out of them.

I know what that sounded like, It sounded like I was a mean bitch that had nothing better to do then take her anger out on the world, but I didn't, I did what I had to do because, well it just made sense, why should I take shit from anyone? Why should I stay the typical stereotypical girl who's always helpless and weak? Why do I deserve to get beaten around all the time and not able to fight back? My life just seemed so wrong right now.

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