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She looked up from the menu, taking a sip of her wine. She gave a weak smile for the sake of her friends.

“Yes, sweetie?”

Her friends all smiled at her, wishing they had the love that this couple so clearly had.

“Can I talk to you for a second?”

She smiled again, and walked to the side of the door, leading him outside.


“I think Lil might be having sex.”

She blinked and looked uncomfortable.

“Why are you bringing this up now?”

“I’m sorry, I just... It’s been bugging me all throughout dinner. What if she’s doing it right now?”

Karen stared at the ground and swallowed.

“She wouldn’t get pregnant.”

“Karen, you don’t know that. Condoms can brea-”

“She’s on the pill, Jim. She brought it up to me, and I said she could go on it. I think she’s old enough to make that decision.”

“What the fuck, Karen? What the fuck? You made this decision without me? She’s sixteen, she’s not ‘old enough to make that decision.’ Maybe when she’s eighteen, but holy shit. No. We’re taking her off the pill.”

“No we’re not. I’d rather have her be on the pill and be having sex than be pregnant, Jim. That would ruin her entire life! She’s going to do it either way, we need to expect that.”

“Maybe if you had been a little more strict with her this wouldn’t be happening. Maybe if you acted more like a mom and not a friend who’s like ‘No, sex is great, run off and have it! You won’t become emotionally different, all that matters is that you won’t get pregnant if you’re on this pill,’ then she’d be a little more cautious.”

“Fuck you.”

“She’s going off the pill. End of discussion.”

They walked back into the restaurant, and Jim readjusted his tie and smiled as he sat down.

“Just had to ask Karen about how she raises Lily so well,” Jim muttered, picking at his steak and sipping his beer.

Their friends laughed and smiled at Karen, and she just nodded before sipping her wine.

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