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To say I love you would be a mistake because you mean so much more to me than that.

Everything I see and feel reminds me of how I felt with you and i want to share that with you forever.

Yet you don't see me as I see you and it is slowly killing me inside and eating at my heart.

How do I prove my love for you? How to show I care for you isn't hard if you will let me.

There's something you hide I catch glimpses, from time to time, why hide it? I've opened my heart to you.

I am scared to let go, scared to hold on to what's not mine, hoping that I will find something different.

I don't know how to act what to decide letting go now maybe it would be right but it's hurt me before.

What if you are the one, what if you love me how I love you, can I take that chance.

Do I hold on or let go I am told to chase my dreams and told what is meant to be mine will be mine.

I don't mean to beg, plead or expect much... I mean to rensur, love and support you... but I get too close.

I didn't mean to fall in love I didn't want to love... I was just learning to love myself.

But you with your smiles, words, kind heart and talents how could I stop myself from falling.

Falling for you was inevitable... Hope the same is true for you cause I'm waitin' for you to say "I love you".

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