Chapter 5

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"Who is this?" I asked a little confused about who was on the phone
When I heard the answer I was shocked

"It's umm.....Cassey" a shaky voice said

"Cassey?!" I said so happy to hear her voice

She started to scream and all I heard was her shout an address
I noted it down
I was gonna go there as soon as possible


I was talking on the phone to Cody and I heard the front door swing open and a guy ran through he saw me on the phone and grabbed me from behind lifting me into the air
He pulled me away from the phone
"How the hell did you get out?!" He said harshly
"I'm smarter than that asshole" I snapped back
He sighed and tied my hands behind my back and sat me on the couch watching my every move
"Look I'm sorry" he said sighing
"I never wanted to be involved, in the only person who knows about this" he said again "if I could let you go now I would, Austin would kill me"
I shrugged my shoulders
"Please talk to me" he said
The door opened again and 2 other guys walked in
They sat on the couch with us
One of them sat next to me
"Hey beautiful, what's your name?" He said putting his hand just above my knee and his arm around my shoulder
He started moving his hand up and down getting higher and higher
"Get off me you creep!" I yelled
He didn't stop
"GET OFF!" I said he simply laughed and kissed my neck lightly
"Stop it" I yelled I felt tears in my eyes
"Darren quit it she's scared enough" I heard a voice from across the room say
"What's your name?" The same voice said
"C-c-Cassey" I said my voice shaking
The guy next to me put his arm around my shoulder again
I bit his hand and he pulled away
"Fuck, she bit me" he shouted standing up and rubbing his hand
"I told you to fucking stop" I scoffed
"Shut the fuck up bitch or I will shut you up" he said coming towards me raising his hand as if he would slap me
"DARREN!" I heard someone shout, "sit the fuck down"
"I'm Jason" that voice that had just shouted at Darren said to me
"Yeah and I'm Erik, you've met Darren" Darren scoffed and sat down next to me again
I moved away and sat next to Jason and Erik moved to sit next to Darren
I put my head on Jason's shoulder
He was the one that came in first btw
He looked confused on why I was doing this
I soon fell asleep and woke up to hear them talking about me
I didn't let them know I was awake
"Guys we can't just let her go" I heard Darren say
"Well we can't leave her here" Jason answered sharply
"Don't get snappy with me Williams or I will hurt you" Darren replied making a fist shape
"Shut up Darren" Erik said shaking his head
"What are we gonna do?" Erik asked
"I'll take her to a hotel, she can shower and stuff, Erik? Can you get her clothes and underwear and stuff from Stephanie's?" Jason said
Stephanie was Erik's girlfriend I'm guessing
"Sure why not?" Erik said
"Should we wake her up?" Darren said
Jason nodded and shook me lightly
"Hi" I said sleepily
My eyes were squint because of the light
I sat up, "where am I?"
"Your at Austins" Jason said back
"Oh..." I said frowning
I stood up to go to the bathroom
Darren ran after me and grabbed my arm
"Where the hell do you think your going?!" He said squeezing my arm
"The bathroom" I said pulling away from him violently
"Is that allowed or do you want me to piss on the fucking couch" I growled
"Okay that's it" he shouted as he slapped me across the face with so much force that I fell to the ground in pain
"DARREN! What the fuck!" Jason shouted
Darren shot a look at Jason and picked me up by my hair
"S-stop p-please" I whispered
He threw me to the ground again
"Don't ever talk to me like that again!" He shouted
I nodded and crawled to the bathroom


I can hear voices and stuff but I can't leave
Jason brought me a meal this morning
I just looked at him like why?
I hope that bitch gets what's coming to her
"Hey guys! Help me get out of these chains!" I shouted up but I got no response
I sighed and slumped against the wall
Fuck sake! Why do I have to stay down here
This is my fucking house!


I got out of the bathroom with a huge red mark on the side of my face
I glanced at Darren who was sitting on the couch
I was forced to sit next to him
"Look Case I'm sorry" he said
I scoffed and moved away
He put his hand around my waist and pulled me closer
My face was inches from his
His breath smelled like alcohol and cigarettes
"Don't scoff, I was 100% serious" he said looking at the floor
"Can we start over?" He asked
"Sure why not" I sighed
He walked over to the door then re-entered and walked up to me and sat down next to me
"Hey I'm Darren" he said extending his hand for me to shake
I shook his hand and the others laughed
We sat and talked all night
"I'm gonna take a shower" I said getting up
I went and turned on the water
I stripped down and stepped in
I turned around and there stood Austin
"Miss me?"

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